Team on the run SaaS 2.4.12 version and Teamon the run Mobile 3.12.0 version

Team on the run (TOTR) is excited to announce its latest update, delivering a range of enhancements across both the SAAS platform (version 2.4.12) and mobile application (version 3.12.0). This update introduces exciting new features, improved functionalities, and streamlined workflows to empower users and optimize communication efficiency.

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My Business Field Service Management (SaaS Only)

This groundbreaking addition introduces the My Business Scheduling module. Dispatchers can now efficiently schedule and assign team members and assets to service orders, optimizing on-site and customer location operations.

Please note: Activation of My Business Digital Process & Scheduling options is required. Contact your reseller for trial information.

Enhanced Mobile Communication

  • Lightning-Fast Mobile Search: Find information effortlessly with the improved mobile search featuring faster results categorized for easy browsing (unread/read messages, media, links, documents).
  • Favorite Channels: Stay organized by designating frequently used channels as favorites for quick access on both mobile and Web Chat platforms. These favorites will be pinned at the top of your channels list.
  • Mobile Video Conferencing (Requires activation): Initiate video conferences directly from your mobile device, mirroring the Webchat experience for immediate or scheduled calls.
  • Mobile Instant Replay: Replay the last bursts within a PTT call or channel directly on your mobile device.
  • Webchat PTT Shortcuts (customizable): Personalize keyboard shortcuts for web chat users to perform actions like picking up calls, hanging up, rejecting calls, taking the floor, and switching channels. (Requires activation).

Enhanced Geolocation Management (Requires activation)

Staying informed about team availability is crucial. This update displays user connection status on their profile and message screens. Additionally,  contacts can now be filtered by operational status, making it easier to locate specific team members within the contact list and map view.
  • Targeted Geolocation: Web dispatchers can define geographical areas on the map. They will only receive notifications for movements within the designated zone, reducing information overload.
  • Improved Geolocation Reporting: Generate Geolocation reports for large dispatch groups with quicker access to reporting options, new notifications during report generation, and a dedicated “My Report” page for report generation history.

Technical Updates

The update ensures full compatibility with the latest Android 13 and iOS 16 operating systems.


The Team on the run update empowers organizations with a powerful combination of features designed to streamline communication workflows. Download the update today and experience the groundbreaking My Business Field Service Management module, enhanced mobile communication tools, streamlined administration, and much more!

Please note: Certain features require activation by organization, Contact-Us for more information and trial opportunities.

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