Team on the run Update
3.11.0 Version

Below you will see the list and description of the enhancements found in the team on the run 3.11.0 version.




Over the air mobile Application Settings configuration:

Mobile application settings can now be defined and managed by the administrators. The administrator can choose to lock the application settings. In this case, users will not be able anymore to import, send or reset their settings. Users will still be able to manage the following settings: Status, Lone Worker Protection, Advanced Telephony, Accessories & Geolocation (only if it’s enabled for the organization).

This configuration is done by Authorized administrators who can monitor, configure and assign pre-defined Application Settings to group of mobile users from the Web admin portal.




First to answer call without floor control:

First to answer call feature already available for PTT groups has been expanded to non-PTT group calls. When initiating a conference call on a group with the “First to answer” option enabled, the first recipient to accept the call will be connected to the initiator in a two-way private call. The call will stop ringing for the other recipients, other recipients can still join the call later using the “Join” button displayed on the corresponding group thread.

This behavior can be enabled in the group settings by the Administrator from the Web admin portal.


Improve interaction with other VOIP call applications:

When a mobile user accepts a call from another call application while a TOTR call is ongoing, the TOTR call is now put on hold and retrieved automatically once the other call is terminated and vice versa.
Available for iOS and Android.


My Business


Edit right for process initiator only*:

A user can initiate a process, share it with others users and edit it as he wants. The recipients can read process information but do not have the right to edit it at any step.

This option can be configured at process template level by the Administrator from My Business Studio environment.


*To benefit from this feature, the My Business module should be activated for your organization. To test it, please contact your reseller.


Automatic Prefill of initiator contact information *:

When starting a new process, all initiator details requested in the process (First name/last name and/or phone number, email address, picture) will be prefilled without any action from the initiator. This pre-filled information cannot be edited by the initiator or any other process recipients.

It saves time for the initiator and prevent any user to enter or modify this information.

This option can be activated by the Administrator from My Business Studio Environment, in the Contact widget configuration added in the process template.


*To benefit from this feature, the My Business module should be activated for your organization. To test it, please contact your reseller.


User Experience


New user experience for the “More” page:

The More page has been redesigned to give you quick access to the Help & Information page and the Legal Information.




Specific display of video attachments for iOS:

iOS users can now differentiate videos from pictures before downloading the attachment.

Users can manage better their mobile data usage and storage.