Team on the run update 3.11.0 version

Team on the run (TOTR) is excited to announce its latest update (version 3.11.0)! This comprehensive update brings a wave of enhancements designed to streamline administration, improve call handling, and optimize the user experience. Let’s dive into the key features!

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Administrators Empowering

TOTR 3.11.0 streamlines app management for administrators. They can now define and lock down specific mobile app settings, ensuring consistency across user devices. This empowers IT teams to maintain optimal configurations while allowing users to customize essential features like status and Lone Worker settings.

Enhanced Call Functionality

This update introduces two valuable call-related improvements.  First, “First to Answer” is extended to non-PTT group calls. This allows the first user to accept the call to connect directly with the initiator, streamlining communication in group settings. Additionally, TOTR calls now seamlessly interact with other VOIP applications. Users can answer calls from other platforms without disrupting ongoing TOTR calls, fostering a smoother communication experience.

Optimized User Experience

Finding information on the mobile app is now easier than ever. The search feature has been optimized for faster results, and categorized by message type (unread/read, media, links, documents) for a clearer overview.  Furthermore, the redesigned “More” page provides quicker access to valuable resources like help information and legal documents.  Finally, iOS users can now easily differentiate video attachments from pictures before downloading, saving time and data usage.


The Team on the run update 3.11.0 delivers a comprehensive package of enhancements, empowering administrators, improving call functionality, and streamlining the user experience for a more efficient and intuitive communication platform. Download the update today to experience these exciting features!

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