Team on the run
Mobile ANDROID UPDATE 3.10.0

Team on the run ’s latest mobile update Android 3.10.0 is now live for
all users. Below you will see the list and description of the enhancements found in the update.



Deny Group communication options for Department/Group

A Company Admin will be able to create a group without it being displayed in the contact list. So that the users won’t be able to communicate via this group, keeping it for Channels or administrative purposes only.

Operational status per Department

The user will be able to select only an operational status available for his department, but the user can still filter the contacts based on all operational statuses.

Inter AS Groups icon

A Link Icon will be displayed for Groups that are linked to another organization. The new icon will be displayed in the contact list screen, and in the recipient list of a conversation.



Department/Group without channel/Talk Group

Some Groups will not be displayed in the channel list even if the user is part of the group.


OS Support 

Android S support: added the support of Android S version.

Device Auto Support: added the way to support new devices automatically.


Lone Worker


The user can recalibrate the phone even after starting the man down service.

Man Down Alert starts only when phone is locked

The Lone Worker Protection will be active only when the phone is locked/in sleep mode.