Team on the run mobile for android: enhanced control and security in update 3.10.0

Team on the Run (TOTR) is rolling out a feature-packed update (version 3.10.0) specifically for Android users! This update brings improved contact management, enhanced voice features, broader device compatibility, and refined Lone Worker protection.

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Team on the run Mobile Android Update 3.10.0 in details

Taking Control of Group Communication

This update empowers admins with more control over group communication. They can now create hidden groups for announcements or internal purposes, keeping user channels streamlined. Additionally, users can only select operational statuses relevant to their department, ensuring clarity and role-based communication. A new icon also clarifies groups linked to external organizations, fostering transparency within the user interface.

Streamlined Voice Communication

For improved organization, groups without dedicated communication channels are now hidden from the channel list. This reduces clutter and makes it easier for users to locate active channels.

Enhanced Compatibility and Security

TOTR prioritizes staying ahead of the curve. The update ensures full functionality on the latest Android S version, guaranteeing a smooth user experience.  Furthermore, TOTR now automatically detects and supports new devices, eliminating compatibility concerns.

Advanced Lone Worker Protection

For users working alone, safety remains paramount. This update allows users to recalibrate their phones even after activating the Man Down service. Additionally, Man Down alerts are now triggered only when the phone is locked, preventing accidental activation and ensuring timely assistance when truly needed.


The Team on the Run mobile update 3.10.0 delivers a range of valuable features for improved control, security, and user experience. Download the update today to unlock these enhancements and optimize your communication workflows!

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