Vision & Mission

Our Vision.

The Smart mobile devices will rapidly transform into essential work tool for all professionals. It will gradually replace all other tools, becoming more powerful and connected. We envision to be the all-in-one mobile solution helping teams to ACT AS ONE.

In the years to come, the Smart mobile devices (Smartphone, Tablets…) will become an essential and central tool for all professionals, regardless of their field of work, profession, or organization size. It will gain in power to store more data and provide the speed required by users. Furthermore, it will become increasingly connected, enabling the deployment of advanced solutions and features.

This transformation is unavoidable for all organizations. Therefore, they must prepare for this period of change by providing their teams with solutions tailored to this new reality and these new practices while ensuring security and data protection.

Our Mission.

Our mission is to provide organizations and individuals with innovative, secure, and sovereign software solutions to support them in their digital transformation journey. To develop technology that serves humans in their everyday work while promoting effective team coordination under the promise of ‘ACT AS ONE‘ is at the core of our mission.

From this perspective on the evolution of habits and practices in the professional world, as well as the vital role that smartphones, and mobile connected devices will play in this transformation, our mission is to provide innovative and integrated software tools to organizations and individuals while preserving security and sovereignty.

Our core mission is to place humans at the heart of this evolution by harnessing technological advancements to facilitate communication, simplify tasks, improve coordination, and ensure individuals’ safety.

We are determined to accomplish this mission by honoring the following commitments:

  • Provide professionals with an all-in-one solution that combines security and intuitiveness to help them overcome the proliferation of business tools, coordinate their actions optimally to ‘ACT AS ONE’, and work more efficiently in the era of mobility and remote working.
  • Assist organizations in this transformation by providing them with sovereign means perfectly suited to the rise of mobile as the primary work tool, regardless of their activity or the complexity level of their operations.