Technology and solutions for value-added services.

STREAMWIDE for Operators.

With a comprehensive end-to-end offer ranging from core network solutions to mobile and web applications, STREAMWIDE assists carriers and service providers worldwide in facing the challenge of over-the-top service providers and shaping their value-added service innovation.
STREAMWIDE software technology enables legacy system replacement, as well as innovating VAS & OTT, like:

End-to-end Solutions from Application Servers.

STREAMWIDE takes an end-to-end approach to its value-added-services by encompassing both SIP/CAMEL application servers and mobile apps in its offering.

Operators will benefit from comprehensive white-label VAS solutions to deliver best-of-broad user experience to their residential and business subscribers.

Cloud-capable Technology.

Thanks to its 100% software model, STREAMWIDE application servers can be deployed with equal performances and reliability whether on a physical server or on a virtual machine.

As a result, operators can virtualize their VAS infrastructure and leverage many benefits, such as: