Team on the run mobile app update: the IOS version 3.10.0

Team on the run’s latest iOS update (version 3.10.0) delivers a range of improvements designed to enhance user experience and streamline workflows.

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Let’s explore the key features!


Team on the run iOS 3.10.0 Version in details

Improved Lone Worker Protection

  • Simplified Lone Worker Calibration: The first calibration for a Lone Worker Protection (LWP) profile is automatic, eliminating the need for repetitive manual calibration. Subsequent calibrations can be initiated by the user as needed.
  • Automate Role Assignment: LWP is now deactivated when the phone is unlocked, preventing accidental triggerings while the user is actively using the device.
  • Always Connected Mode (Configurable): The app can now maintain a persistent connection with the server even when not actively used, ensuring uninterrupted communication for Lone Worker profiles. This functionality is activated through a CallKit call, guaranteeing background app survival.

Enhanced Group Management

  • Departmental Operational Statuses: Administrators can define operational status lists for specific departments, enabling users to efficiently communicate their availability.
  • Inter-Group Link Indicator: A link icon now appears next to groups linked with other organizations, clearly indicating the target audience for PTT calls, video broadcasts, and messages.
  • Department/Group Creation without Channels: Departments or groups can now be created without associating them with a channel, preventing unnecessary entries in the channel list.
  • Granular Group Communication Control: Administrators can restrict user ability to initiate group calls or conversations within specific groups. These restricted groups will also be hidden from the user’s contact list.


Team on the run’s iOS update 3.10.0 empowers users with improved Lone Worker Protection features and streamlines group communication management for administrators. This update enhances overall user experience and promotes a safer, more efficient work environment.

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