Team on the run
Mobile IOS UPDATE 3.10.0

Team on the run’s latest mobile update iOS 3.10.0 is now live for all users.

Below you will see the list and description of the enhancements found in the update.


 Support Always connected mode

This feature allows the application to persist a permanent connection with the server while it is not manually closed by the user.

This feature is configurable from the application’s settings. Technically, this functionality is offered through a CallKit call which guarantees the survival of the application when it is in background mode.


The first Lone Worker calibration is automatic and the rest by request

A user assigned as an initiator for a Lone Worker Protection (LWP) profile will be able to calibrate LWP only once. So that the Mobile user won’t have to recalibrate the phone each time he/she turn ON the feature.


Lone Worker profile should be active only when the phone is locked

A user with Lone Worker Protection active will be able to use the phone freely when he/she opens the screen. So that if the user is using the phone the feature will not be triggered by mistake/accidentally.


Operational status Lists & Assignment

This feature allows admins to set up a list of Operational Statuses for a given Department.


Inter AS Groups icon – Display Link Icon in the Group when it’s linked with another organization

A Link Icon will be displayed in the group when the group is linked with another organization. This way, the user will know that he triggers a PTT Call, Video Broadcast or Message, towards a linked Group.


CREATE Department without channel/talkgroup

This feature allows to create a department or a group without an associated Channel so the channel should not be displayed in the list.


Deny Group communication options for Department/Group

This feature allows the administrator to deny a user the ability to trigger a group conversation / call on a specific group. This group is namely not displayed in the contact list.