Team on the run mobile update 3.6.0 Version

Team on the run’s latest mobile update (3.6.0) brings exciting new features that empower both administrators and users with greater control over communication and functionality. Let’s explore the key improvements in messaging, voice features, and contact management.

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Improved Group Messaging

This update empowers group admins by allowing them to close conversations and manage message flow. Additionally, messages sent to empty groups are routed to the admin, preventing confusion.

Finally, users cannot send messages to groups with restricted communication settings.

  • Admin group conversation: close the conversation: A new role added to the conversation administrator, which consists of closing the conversation so that nobody will be able to send a message inside the closed conversation.
  • Route message to Administrator when no recipients: When sending a message to a conversation with empty recipients, the message will be routed to the admin initiator.
  • Deny-to-transmit on groups extended to messaging and calling: Users are not allowed now to send messages inside conversations having a predefined group with deny to transmit option ON. The feature applies only for conversations with only one predefined group.

Advanced Voice Functionality

TOTR 3.6.0 introduces innovative voice features to enhance communication during critical situations. Automatic late entry for group calls ensures users join ongoing calls.

The “Ambient Listening” feature allows dispatchers to monitor a user’s surroundings during emergencies for faster response. Dispatchers can also initiate “Broadcast Group Calls” for one-way communication announcements. Finally, audio conferencing is now accessible with the “free call” option, providing greater flexibility.

  • Automatic Late Entry on Pre-arranged group calls: After being added to a group from a web-organization, a subscriber will receive an invitation to the current call of that group if it exists.
  • Ambient Listening: In a crisis, the user can trigger a silent alert to the dispatcher, which will allow the dispatchers to listen to the user’s surroundings and act for the rescue. The Ambient listening call is a one-way call, the call is made in transmit-only mode (no receiving) and can be received on Mobile or Web Chat.
  • Broadcast Group Call: A broadcast group call is a special PTT group call which can be initiated by the dispatcher and users only listen and have no right to transmit. Same for the related conversation, subscribers cannot reply nor leave the conversation.

Streamlined Contacts Management

Staying informed about team availability is crucial. This update displays user connection status on their profile and message screens.

Additionally,  contacts can now be filtered by operational status, making it easier to locate specific team members within the contact list and map view.

  • Show Status of technically disconnected users: The connection status of the user is now displayed on the user detail screen and message screen.
  • Filter per operational statusFilter per operational status: Added the possibility to filter contacts by their operational status. The filter can be applied in both contact list screen and map screen.


The Team on the run mobile update 3.6.0 empowers users with improved communication tools and streamlines workflows. Download the update today to experience these exciting new features!

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