Team on the Run iOS & Android Update 2.9.5

The latest Team on the Run (TOTR) update (v2.9.5) for iOS and Android delivers a range of exciting features to enhance communication, streamline workflows, and improve user experience fore Andoid and iOS.

This update empowers users with efficient messaging tools, improved video calling options, and greater control over contacts and processes.

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Team on the Run 2.9.5 ios & Android Update in Details:


Voice Memos: This update introduces the ability to record and send audio messages directly within the TOTR app. This allows for clearer and more personal communication compared to traditional text messages.


Video calling receives a significant boost with the addition of video streaming in both the call screen and contacts list. This facilitates smoother and more engaging video communication.

  • Broadcast option in Call Screen: Video streaming added on all the call screens
  • Broadcast option in Contacts List: Video streaming added on Contacts list.

Instant 1-Click – PTT

For users who rely heavily on “Push-to-Talk” communication, the new “Instant PTT” feature allows for initiating communication with a single tap on a contact, eliminating the need for additional steps. exemple.

A screenshot showcasing the benefits of Instant PTT, a new feature for frequent Push-to-Talk users.


Advanced Contact Management

The introduction of contact picker filters simplifies searching and managing contacts and groups within the app.

Add Contacts/Groups Filter on each contact picker: Add Filter for all Contact Pickers (Voip, Messaging, invite users, process recipients,)

Edit user profile image

Add button to change the orientation of picture to these interfaces:

  1. After taking a photo and before sending it.
  2. Preview photo from the conversation.
  3. Preview photo from media, documents & links from details of the user.

Full Company Search

This feature empowers users to search for any user in their organization, regardless of pre-set visibility limitations. This can be particularly useful for large organizations with complex structures.

My Business

Process Expiration Notification

On My Business Main view (Activity page), the due date information is displayed in the process entry:

  • with an orange background 24 hours before the due date.
  • with a red background at the due date.

Process Option Display

The priority for a process will not be mandatory anymore unless it is defined by the admin at process template creation/edition on web company admin. In any case, the process option page will not be displayed automatically to the initiator when starting a process.

Display Process Progression

On My Business Main view (Activity page), the process progression is displayed in the process entry: current Step regarding total steps.

Process Step Edition Right

Add restrictions that allow process owners to only edit assigned Step content. In addition, gray effect was added for not allowed Steps in order to show more difference between readable and editable Steps.

Name and Search of Processes

Because of performance issues and complexity of the implementation of a full search in content, for the moment, the search will still be performed in process name instance content. Admin will be able to define that for some widgets, their content filled in by the process owner in the process, will automatically be added in the name of the process. This approach will solve the customer’s needs.

Deletion of Processes from New/InProgress

Allow users to delete process instances from New and In Progress Categories.

Signature widget in landscape

In order to allow users to add a signature with large space, the landscape mode has been added for the signature widget.

Improved Geolocation

Team on the Run now displays the Public Land Mobile Network (PLMN) used by users, providing dispatchers and smartphone users with a clearer understanding of user connectivity (GSM network or private LTE network). Additionally, support for the ArcGIS map provider offers users more flexibility in map selection.

Hardware & Accessory Integration

The update offers improved integration with various hardware accessories, including:

Aina: Integration of the secondary PTT 2

Allow users to scroll up/down in the list of active channels. using Aina device up/down button

Trekker X4 & Action Core X3

Cross Call support : Both Trekker X4 and Action Core X3 are now supported by TOTR with PTT, SOS

Aina: Channel switch

Allow users to configure the control of channels with a specific button. Meaning from application settings and after being connected to the BLE accessory, users will have the possibility to choose which channel to be controlled for each button.

Telo 590 & 390 support TELO 590 and 390

They are now supported by TOTR with the Channel switch, PTT, SOS

* Please note that the features above are working only when the device screen is unlocked.


Team on the Run v2.9.5 delivers a significant upgrade for both individual and team productivity. The new features enhance communication capabilities, streamline process management workflows, and provide seamless integration with compatible hardware devices. Download TOTR 2.9.5 today and experience the difference!

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