Team on the run Mobile Update 3.5.0 Version

Team on the run (TOTR) users rejoice! The latest mobile update (v3.5.0) brings a wealth of new features designed to enhance group communication, improve administrative control, and deliver a more efficient user experience. This update empowers group administrators, streamlines communication workflows, and provides users with greater control over their connections and notifications.

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Group Communication Enhancements

  • Delegate Admin Roles
  • Group conversation administrators can now distribute responsibilities by assigning administrative roles to other members within the group. This empowers collaboration and distributes management tasks.

  • Manage Admin Status
  • Administrators now have the flexibility to leave group conversations without assigning a replacement administrator, as long as there are multiple admins remaining. This ensures continuity even if an administrator needs to depart.

  • Automate Role Assignment
  • In situations where the sole administrator is removed from the organization (e.g., resignation), the system automatically assigns administrative roles to all remaining group members. This ensures the group conversation can still be managed effectively.

  • Remove Predefined Groups
  • Conversation administrators can now remove entire predefined groups of users from a conversation in a single action. This simplifies group management and streamlines communication channels.

    Streamlined Administration

  • Disconnect User Status
  • Administrators can now allow users to display a “Disconnected” status to other users. This provides a clear indication of user availability and can help manage communication expectations.

  • Enhanced Job Management
  • The new “Start/Stop Widget Notification” feature allows users to send notifications to the scheduling interface upon starting or finishing a job through a dedicated widget. This streamlines workflow tracking and improves job visibility for administrators.

    Improves User Experience

  • Fast Geolocation Tracking
  • Dispatchers can leverage the “Fast Geolocation Tracking” feature for real-time updates on user location. This can be user-activated or automatically triggered during emergencies, enhancing safety and situational awareness.

  • Seamless Call Management
  • The update introduces “Call Priority Management,” allowing administrators to configure call priority levels. When a higher priority call is received during an ongoing call, the lower priority call will be either terminated or placed on hold, ensuring users receive the most important calls first. Additionally, users can no longer initiate a new PTT, VoIP, or video call while an existing call of the same type is ongoing with the same user. An error message will be displayed to prevent confusion and accidental call interruptions.

  • Display Last Floor Taker
  • The channel tab, channel screen, and PTT group call screen now display the user who most recently took the floor, along with a timestamp indicating the time they relinquished it. This improves communication clarity by highlighting the last active speaker.

  • Simplified Channel Switching
  • Even with the multi-channel feature disabled, users can still change channels using the left/right buttons on compatible accessories. This provides greater convenience and flexibility for users who frequently switch between channels.


    Team on the run v3.5.0 delivers a significant upgrade for both group administrators and individual users. The update enhances group communication management, streamlines administrative tasks, and introduces a range of functionalities that improve user experience and communication efficiency.

    Download TOTR Mobile 3.5.0 today and experience the improvements!

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