Team on the run’s latest mobile update (3.5.0) is now live for all users. Below you will see the list and description of the enhancements found in the update.

Admin group conversation: Delegate Conversation admin role

The group conversation administrator (the Initiator or another) can assign to a simple member of the group

conversation the administrative roles.

Admin group conversation: Group conversation admin leaving a conversation

Any administrator (the Initiator or another) can be able to leave a group conversation for any reason:

Administrators), a group conversation administrator can leave the conversation without assigning other


his/her Administrative Roles To one or Several Member(s) of the group conversation.

Admin group conversation: Deleted Admin from the Organization

As a group conversation administrator and I have been deleted from the organization (resigning

member, retirement etc.)

all the members of the group conversation

Admin group conversation: Delete a group of users from a group conversation

The conversation admin can remove a predefined group from a conversation.

Disconnect and Show status of not connected user

Add the action of “Disconnect” from settings page to let a user display as disconnected for other users

Start/Stop widget notification extension

When an end user clicks on start/stop, a URL is called to notify the scheduling interface that the worker has

started / finished his job

Fast Geolocation Tracking

The fast geolocation tracking feature will enable the dispatcher to see subscriber’s location in real-time. Meaning

the mobile client will send continuously location updates. The feature can be enabled from the application

settings, or it can be triggered automatically when the user is in Emergency status (Emergency Alert/Man-Down).

Tail Time

Tail time allows the users to automatically answer to a channel during a specific tail time after the talk group has

been used. After the tail time is over all users will move back to the PTT associated active channel. Based on the settings from Company Admin, the mobile users will have the tail time feature available and the period will be equal with the settings: 5 / 10 / 20 / 30 seconds.

Display who took the Floor

The last user that took the floor will be seen in: Channel Tab, Channel Screen and PTT Group Call Screen A

timestamp will be displayed next to the user Icon, showing the time of the release.

Connect active channel only – mode

The user can change the channel by pressing the left/right buttons from an accessory even when the Multi-Channel feature is OFF.

Priority Management for private and group calls

Setup a call priority order to preempt other call types, if a higher priority call is received while other call is

connected, the other call is terminated or placed on hold.

Improve termination of a call-in messaging screen

The user will not be able to start a new PTT/VoIP/Video Call if there is already a PTT/VoIP/Video Call ongoing with the same user, an error message will be displayed.

Audio conference

We added the audio conference feature, which is enabled by default if PTT is enabled and has the same

behavior for the late call entry as PTT group call.

Call forward

Added the call forward feature, which consist to forward a call to a specific user (configured from the web

administration) if the called party is not reachable.

Call transfer

Added the explicit call transfer feature, which allow user to transfer an ongoing incoming call (full duplex or video

call) to another user of their choice. Feature can be enabled/disabled by company from the web administration.