Team On The Run Mobile Gets Smarter With The Mobile Enhancements 3.2.0

The Team on the Run (TOTR) mobile app receives a boost in functionality with the latest update v3.2.0, released in January 2020 for iOS and Android .

This update focuses on enhancing communication, streamlining user management for administrators, and improving overall user experience.

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Team on the Run Update 2.3.9 in details

Priority-based Auto-Answer

This update addresses the need for efficient call handling in situations with multiple incoming calls. Admins can now define call priorities, and the TOTR mobile app will automatically answer the highest priority call first, ensuring seamless communication flow.

Export/Import User Settings

Managing a large user base just got easier. Admins can now export user configurations and share them between users or bulk import settings for a quicker setup process. This eliminates the need to manually configure each user individually.

Improved User Experience

  • Customizable Contact View
  • Stay organized with the ability to choose how your contact list displays. Sort your contacts by first or last name based on your preference, and the app will remember your choice for your convenience.

  • Enhanced Floor Control Sounds
  • This update ensures clear and focused communication during VoIP calls. New functionalities guarantee high volume for floor control audio while preventing it from being sent to the called party, guaranteeing a smoother user experience.

    Improved Geolocation Beacon Reporting

    Enhanced WAY reporting provides valuable insights into user location. Administrators can now see detailed explanations for any issues encountered during user beacon scans, allowing for quicker troubleshooting and improved location tracking.

    My Business: File Upload Control

    Admins gain finer control over My Business processes with the option to configure acceptable file types for upload. This feature helps enforce data integrity and ensures users are uploading appropriate files within workflows.


    Team on the Run v3.2.0 delivers a significant upgrade for both users and administrators. The update enhances communication features, streamlines user management, and provides administrators with more control over file uploads in My Business processes. Download TOTR v3.2.0 today and experience the improvements!

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