Below are the enhancements added to the team on the run mobile applications (iOS/Android). Version 3.2.0 (January 2020)

Mobile Enhancements

Auto-answer by Priority: Improve the functionality of the automatic answer of a PTT and Free call by adding the option by priority which refers to handling priorities between calls in a case of simultaneous calls.

Export/Import User Settings: When managing a large number of users, we’ve added a functionality to allow users to share their configurations with each other. This will allow admins to be able to bulk upload user settings as opposed to going into each user and defining their roles.

Contact Enhancement: Display Last Name/First Name: Allow the user to choose to sort the list of contacts either by last name or first name. This choice will be enabled in the settings so that the display of contacts follows this choice every time.

Play sound in VoIP Stack: Added a new way to play audio sounds for floor controls to guarantee a high volume in control volume sounds and to not send the audio to the called party while taking the floor.

Geolocation Beacon Enhancements: Improve the WAY report by adding reasons explaining to the administrators the state of the users concerning the scan of the beacons in case of a problem.

My Business:

File Upload Widget: On the admin side, the administrator has the option to configure which files can be uploaded to a My Business Process.