Below you will see the list and description of the enhancements found in the team on the run 2.4.11 version.

Japanese Support:


Japanese language is now supported on the Webchat and Web Company Admin interface.


Improve Geolocation performance for 5000 users tracked:

Frontend will request users in batches and display loading progress. Frontend won’t display markers older than X hours. Frontend won’t display markers outside the viewport.


Display a link icon in a Group when it’s is linked with another organization:

When Inter As is set to link Groups (not only Channels), an additional link icon will be displayed next to the group, in Contacts. This way, the user will know that he/she triggers a PTT Call, Video Broadcast or Message, towards a linked Group.


Auto-deletion of instant replay records: 

Auto-deletion mechanism for recorded PTT calls with the Instant replay feature to avoid browser’s memory to be full.


Limit the number of webchat dispatchers that will receive a reach-back request:


Optimize the behavior for reach-back requests in the context of scalability while fixing the issue. Reach-back request received by only one user connected to the channel.


Ambient listening “Don’t notify the user”:


“Ambient Listening is in progress” will no longer be displayed on the screen of the Android users (in danger/distress) who trigger an emergency alert.  The aim is to avoid kidnappers/abusers from knowing that an alert has been triggered.


Call Blast – Conference Call first to answer:


With this enhancement, a field user will be able to establish a full-duplex private call with the first operator who answers the call.

Once this parameter is activated in the settings of the pre-arranged group, and a conference call is initiated, the call will stop ringing when a user answers the call. The other recipients will still have the possibility to join the call later thanks to the “Join” button displayed in the group conversations,  but it won’t ring for them anymore. (Same Behavior as for channels).


Improve interaction with other VOIP call applications:


TOTR have now the same behavior interacting with other VoIP call applications, as for the current behavior for the interaction with Cellular calls. When a user takes a call from another application than TOTR, the call is now put on hold and vice versa.


Add a thumbnail on video attachments for iOS:


iOS Users can now see if the attachment received is a photo or a video before downloading it thanks to the “Play” icon in order to save data or space on the device. This is also implemented on Android.


Mobile/Webchat users can see the names of other users who are not present in the contact list:


Android and Webchat users in a large organization are now able to see the name of the other users sending a message even if the sender is not included in the contact list.



When an admin activates the new parameter “Restrict edit rights to the initiator” for a process template, only the initiator will have right to edit or send a process. Recipients will receive the process just as an information (read mode only) and they won’t be able to edit or send the process.


Field Service Management / My Business – Retrieve contact widget info automatically:


When starting a new process, Initiator details will be automatically added in the Contacts widget included in the process.


Field Service Management / My Business – Email Report cover page customization (HTML & PDF):


Information displayed in PDF report and Email in html at each process instance update has been reorganized: Summary section will be displayed at the bottom of the PDF and Email.


Field Service Management / My Tools Patrol Route – Service API support:


Support of all Patrol route methods on Service API.


Control user’s settings:


Company Admins will now be able to set the Mobile user’s settings from a profile, so that end users will have the needed options set on the device. Admins can also block users from editing theses settings. So large organizations will be able to easily manage / control settings of end users.


Notifications & monthly reporting per department admin:

Admins will no longer receive the notification and reporting from the whole organization. They will only receive the notifications for their area (department or sub-department) So, they can better manage their scope.

New devices and accessories support:
  • Xcover 6
  • HoneyWell EDA52
  • Crosscall Core-X5 add support for TalkGroup/Channel Change
  • Support any vendor id for USB Accessory