Team on the run mobile update 2.4.11 for better UX and Communication

Team on the Run (TOTR) continues to evolve with its latest update (version 2.4.11)! This update delivers a range of valuable features designed to improve user experience, enhance functionality, and streamline workflows across various aspects of the platform.

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Team on the Run Update 2.4.11 in details

    • Expanded Language Support

      TOTR now supports the Japanese language on the Web Chat and Web Company Admin interface, catering to a wider global audience.

    • Optimized Geolocation Performance

      Improved performance for tracking large numbers of users (up to 5,000). This includes batch loading, progress displays, and filtering out outdated or off-screen markers.

    • Clearer Group Communication

      Groups linked to other organizations are now visually identified with a link icon, improving user awareness.

    • Enhanced Instant Replay Management

      Automatic deletion of recorded PTT calls with Instant Replay helps manage browser memory usage effectively.

    • Streamlined Reach-Back Requests

      Optimized behavior for reach-back requests ensures they are received by only one designated dispatcher, improving scalability.

    • Discreet Ambient Listening on Android

      During an emergency alert, “Ambient Listening in Progress” is no longer displayed on the user’s screen, enhancing safety in sensitive situations.

    • Improved Call Handling

      “Call Blast – Conference Call First to Answer” allows field users to establish a private call with the first responding operator, streamlining communication. TOTR now seamlessly interacts with other VOIP applications, putting calls on hold during incoming calls from other platforms.

    • Rich Media Previews on iOS

      Users can now identify video attachments before downloading, saving data and storage space.

    • Enhanced Contact Visibility

      Mobile and Web Chat users in large organizations can see the names of message senders, even if not in their contact list.

    • Field Service Management Improvements

      • Read-only access for process recipients ensures information sharing without unintended modifications
      • Automatic population of initiator details within the process contact widget.
      • Customizable email report cover pages (HTML & PDF) provide greater flexibility.
      • Service API support for all Patrol Route methods.
    • Centralized User Settings Management

      Company admins can now configure and enforce mobile user settings, ensuring consistency across devices within large organizations.

    • Departmental Notifications & Reporting

      Admins now receive notifications and reports specific to their assigned departments, promoting focused management.

  • New Device & Accessory Support

    TOTR expands compatibility with new devices like:

    • Xcover 6/li>
    • Honeywell EDA52
    • Crosscall Core-X5

    along with broader USB accessory support.


The Team on the Run update 2.4.11 delivers a comprehensive set of enhancements that cater to a wider user base, streamline workflows, and improve overall platform functionality. Download the update today to experience these exciting features and optimize your communication experience!

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