UPDATE 2.3.9

Webchat/Admin Update 2.3.9

As of now, Webchat/Admin update 2.3.9 is live. Below you will see a list of changes that have occurred to enhance your user experience. There is no download necessary, just open up Webchat and see whats new.


Read Receipt: When a user sends a message, he/she will now see two notifications. One check to know the message has been sent (normal), the second check will be the color grey until the user reads the message. Once you see double green check marks you will instantly know that not only did the user receive the message but saw it too.

My Business (Administrators)

Call Process Widget: Allow users the ability to add another step to a process that is external to the main process.

New Display for Routing: This has been modified from “Auto-routing” to “Activate routing.” By default, routing is off. When admin switches “activate routing,” all the steps of the process template are displayed.

Manual Routing: When an administrator activates “Manual routing configuration,” it means that, on the user side, it will be up to the process owner to route the process to recipients. There are 2 configurations: “Define allowed list of recipients” & “Define default recipients.”

Hybrid Routing: Enhanced process routing to be hybrid by having both a predefined list of recipients and giving the user the ability to select additional recipients as well.

Deadline Escalation Routing: Set an expiration date and time in the process step(s) after which the process will be routed to other predefined list of recipients.

My Business (Users)

Sorting Processes: Adding in a sorting feature to let users sort category processes.

Additional Features

Group of Groups: At group or department creation, it is possible to add one or more groups/departments and atomic users. This makes it possible to have a group which includes both groups and individual users within.

Audit Server Cleanup: Added a new task to cleanup the database and storage by considering the configurable parameters set by each organization

Settings: The time zone is now configurable in settings.

Configure the display of Root Department: For Admins – Web Company Admin à Settings à Company Settings à Users Authorization à Display company department. This allows you to toggle whether you can see the company department for all users. By default, this will be inactive. *

*To see this option, please have advanced mode activated

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