Boost Collaboration & Efficiency with Webchat/Admin Update 2.3.9

We are excited to announce the release of Webchat/Admin update 2.3.9! This update brings a variety of new features and improvements designed to enhance your user experience.

No download is required, simply open your Web Chat app to experience the changes.

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Webchat and Admin Update 2.3.9 in details


  • Read Receipts
  • With this update, sending messages provides a more clear understanding of recipient interaction. You will now see two checkmarks next to your messages:

    • One green checkmark: This indicates the message has been sent and the second check will be the color gray until the user reads the message.
    • Two green checkmarks: This confirms the recipient has read your message.

    My Business (Administrators)

  • Call Process Widget
  • The Call Process Widget allows you to add additional steps to your processes that exist outside of the main workflow. This provides greater flexibility and customization in managing your interactions.

  • New Display for Routing
  • The “Auto-routing” feature has been renamed to “Activate routing” and is now disabled by default. When enabled, all steps of the process template will be displayed, allowing for more granular control over routing.

  • Manual Routing
  • Activating “Manual routing configuration” empowers you to define how processes are routed on the user side. There are two options:
    • Define allowed list of recipients:Specify a predefined list of users who can receive the process.
    • Define default recipients:Set a default group of recipients for the process.

  • Hybrid Routing
  • This feature combines the benefits of predefined recipient lists and user selection. Admins can define a default group while also allowing users to choose additional recipients for each process.

  • Deadline Escalation Routing
  • Set an expiration date and time for specific process steps. If the deadline is not met, the process will automatically be routed to a predefined list of recipients for further action.

    My Business (Users)

  • Sorting Processes
  • This update introduces a sorting feature for your processes, allowing you to organize them by category for easier navigation and management.

    Additional Features

  • Group of Groups
  • At group or department creation, it is possible to add one or more groups/departments and atomic users. This makes it possible to have a group which includes both groups and individual users within.

  • Audit Server Cleanup
  • A new task has been added to automatically clean up your database and storage based on the configurable parameters set by your organization. This helps maintain optimal performance and efficiency.

  • Settings
    • Configurable Timezone: You can now set your preferred time zone within the settings menu.
    • Display Root Department For Admins – Web Company Admin > Settings > Company Settings > Users Authorization > Display company department. Administrators can choose to display the company department for all users in the “Settings” menu. This feature is available in advanced mode only.


    Webchat/Admin update 2.3.9 delivers a range of valuable features designed to streamline your communication and collaboration. We encourage you to explore these new functionalities and discover how they can enhance your Web Chat experience.

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