Streamlined communication and enhanced management with webchat 2.4.1

The latest WebChat update (v2.4.1) brings a wave of improvements designed to enhance communication efficiency and streamline management for both users and dispatchers. This update focuses on improved call handling, user settings management, and location tracking functionalities.

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Webchat update 2.4.1 in details

Communication Enhancements

  • Private Call Auto-answer
  • This update eliminates the need to manually answer private VoIP calls. WebChat now mirrors the Push-to-Talk auto-answer behavior, automatically answering incoming calls for a more streamlined communication experience.

  • Push Notification for Deactivated Geolocation
  • Dispatchers can now stay informed about user location with automatic push notifications sent to WebChat whenever a user disables or re-enables geolocation on their mobile device. This enhanced monitoring helps ensure user safety and improves situational awareness.

    Mobile User Settings Export/Import

    Sharing and importing user settings between mobile devices is now effortless. This feature allows users to easily configure their settings on one device and then export them for import on other devices or share them with colleagues within a new organization. This streamlines the setup process and ensures consistent user experience across devices.

    Auto-answer by Priority

    WebChat 2.4.1 introduces a sophisticated call prioritization system. Incoming calls with higher priority will automatically terminate (hang up) any ongoing lower priority calls. Additionally, lower priority calls will be automatically rejected with a busy signal, ensuring users only receive the most important calls while maintaining seamless communication flow.


    WebChat update 2.4.1 delivers a significant upgrade for both users and dispatchers.  The update enhances call handling efficiency, streamlines user management, and improves location tracking functionalities.

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