This document details the latest updates released on February 10, 2017, for the Team on the Run iOS app. These updates are now available in the App Store .

Moving forward, you will be able to find the release notes on the blog and across our social platforms.

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The TOTR iOS February 2017 Update In Details

Message Conversation with MB Process Participants

This feature empowers you to directly message specific individuals involved in the same MB process, streamlining collaboration and communication.

This eliminates the need for lengthy phone calls or email exchanges, leading to faster problem-solving and improved team coordination.

→ To enable this feature, please Contact Us

Multi-Channel PTT Group Participation

Dispatching efficiency receives a significant boost with multi-channel PTT group participation. This feature allows dispatchers to manage and participate in multiple PTT groups simultaneously.

With this feature, the dispatcher can seamlessly monitor communications within each group, ensuring real-time awareness and allowing them to provide timely support and instructions as needed.

The Multi-Channel PTT Group Participation allows a dispatcher to participate in multiple groups at the same time


These updates aim to enhance communication, safety, and efficiency for Team on the Run users. We believe these features will empower your teams to collaborate more effectively, respond to critical situations quicker, and ultimately, achieve greater operational success.

If you have any additional questions be sure to Contact Us and ask away!

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