Team on the Run Update Version 2.5.0

The latest version of Team on the run delivers a wave of innovative features designed to streamline communication, improve management capabilities, and enhance the user experience.  This update empowers teams to collaborate more effectively and work smarter.

The updated Team on the run app is now live on the Google play store and iOS store.

Moving forward, as each update goes live you will be able to find the release notes on the blog and across our social platforms.

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The details of Team on the run App version 2.5.0.

Advanced Telephony – Call out


  • Launch Call to External Phone Number: Directly initiate calls to external phone numbers from within a PTT call.
  • Add a phone number in a PTT call.

You can dial a number and therefore make a call outside of your Team on the Run contacts

PTT / Channels

  • Channel Sound Notifications: Receive audible cues when joining or leaving a PTT channel.
  • PTT Sound Enhancements
  • Graphical enhancement : Channels List Network issue warning in Channels list


  • Improved Unread Message Tracking: Easily identify unread messages for faster response times.
  • Video/Image Sharing with Captions: Share multimedia content and add context with captions in messages.
  • Access to media of conversations


  • Customizable Point-of-Interest (POI) Icons and Colors: Enhance team communication with personalized POI markers on the map.
  • “Where Are You” Feature Enhancements: View the most recent POI and contact locations on a map, with improved date display for better clarity.

Emergency Message

  • Manual Message Acknowledgments: Ensure clear communication by manually acknowledging received messages.
  • Access to Conversation Media: Easily access and manage photos, videos, and other media shared within conversations.

Design Enhancement (iOS only)

  • Swipe on Contacts List
  • Swipe on Conversation List
  • Swipe on My Business Process List


The latest Team on the run update empowers your team with a range of powerful features. Download the update today and experience the difference!

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