Team on the run SaaS Update 4.0.2 Version

We’re excited to announce the next evolution of SaaS Team on the run (TOTR) with update 4.0.2! This exciting release brings new features and enhancements to Team on the run 4.0 to transform your communication and collaboration experience.

Administrators will also benefit from valuable tools for managing map servers and access detailed usage statistics. We are confident that TOTR 4.0.2 will enable you to achieve new levels of productivity and efficiency.

For more information on enabling specific features, please refer to the information detailed in this release note. We encourage you to explore the update and share your feedback with us !


  1. Channels

  • Channel creation on Webchat
  • Authorized users can now create, edit, and delete user channels directly on Webchat without involving the administrator. Designated administrators of a User Channel have the ability to rename the group, modify the participants, and delete the channel from Webchat.

    Benefits: The Webchat user can gain autonomy and create channels on the fly according to his expected missions.

    * To benefit from this feature, the option “Allow users to create and modify groups on webchat” should be activated for your organization. To try it, please contact your reseller.

  • Reach Back Request
  • Previously, only mobile users were able to send a reach-back request to dispatchers. Now, both Webchat and mobile users will have the ability to send a reach-back request to any user of their choice.

    Benefits: Facilitating rapid decision-making at group level, by letting users easily understand that his attention and participation is mandatory during one mission.

  • Management of audio gain and floor control sound
  • Until now, users could not control the volume of the beep played during floor events. Thanks to this new enhancement, several new mobile settings will be added, allowing users to:

    • Apply a negative or positive audio gain to the default volume of the beep.
    • Configure whether they want the floor beep to be played when they take and/or release the floor, or no beep at all, and whether it should play when other participants take or release the floor.

    Benefits: Each user can now take control of the volumes and sounds made related to the floor control on channels.

  • Minor enhancement - Push-to-talk button activation:
  • The PTT button will now always stay active, enhancing the user experience slightly. If the floor cannot be assigned to you, an error message will display the reason.

    1. Collaborative end-user features

  • Messages - Deleting messages for all recipients remotely by the conversation administrators
  • Previously, the message sender could delete messages for all members of the conversation. This right has now been extended to conversation administrators, who can delete any message or attachment sent by any member of the conversation for everyone, effectively acting as moderators.
    Benefits: Better management and control of messages sent within a conversation, ensuring confidentiality of message content in certain cases.

    *To benefit from these features, “Delete messages for everyone” must be enabled for your organization and the value of the “Rights to” field must be “Conversation Admin”. To test it, please contact your reseller.

  • Advanced Telephony - Enhancing the calling experience
  • When receiving an external call, it is now possible to display the caller’s name and phone number, even if the caller is not on the recipient’s contact list. It’s also now possible to search for and access a contact in the phone’s local directory, in order to communicate with him/her from the Team on the run application.
    Benefits: Improved user experience.

    1. Administration features

  • Configuration of Map Server
  • Administrators can now benefit from a new interface to configure their own map servers and assign those to organization or department.
    Once configured, Mobile users will benefit from the map servers assigned to their organization or department. The Webchat part will arrive in the next 4.1 update.
    *We do not provide any Map server, but only the interface to configure and use your own.
    Benefits: Thanks to this new enhancement, Super admin now has a user-friendly interface to configure their map servers. Each organization can support different map servers and assign one per department.

  • Statistics on TOTR Usage
  • Previously, the statistics were only available per platform. With this new feature, the company and the department administrators will have access to the statistics on TOTR usage for their areas. They will be able to filter them per department / sub-department and per custom time frame from the day before to one year earlier. For their professional purpose, the statistics can only be exported in CSV.
    Benefits: Offer a detailed view of Team on the run’s usage and its key features to administrators. And provide administrators more autonomy in their daily tasks.


    These enhancements in TOTR SaaS Update 4.0.2 demonstrate our commitment to providing a robust and user-friendly platform for seamless communication and collaboration. We encourage you to explore these new features and experience the benefits they offer. For any questions or to activate specific features, please contact your reseller.

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