This document details the most notable updates found within the Team on the run app over the last month. Moving forward, as each update goes live on iOS and Android you will be able to find the release notes on the blog and across our social platforms.

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Team on the run 2016 Update in detail

Default Action on Conctact Press

A new setting named “Default action on contact press” has been added to the Settings/Options menu. This allows you to choose what happens when you press a contact on the Contacts screen:

A new setting named "Default action on contact press" has been added to the Settings, Options menu of Team on the run Application
  • PTT / Channels

    This is the existing and default behavior, opening or starting a conversation with the selected contact or group
  • Calls

    Initiates a call to the chosen contact or, if a group is selected, starts a Push-to-Talk (PTT) session
  • Push-to-Talk

    Starts a Push-to-Talk session directly with the selected contact or group

Improved Push-to-Talk Experience

Floor control sounds and Auto-join session sound has been added to the Settings, Voice Settings, Push-To-Talk Options menu of Team on the run Application

  • Floor control sounds

    Enabling the “Push-To-Talk floor control sounds” option in Settings/Voice Settings/Push-To-Talk Options now plays audio cues not only when you press or release the PTT button, but also when other participants do the same.

  • Auto-join session sound

    With both “Push-To-Talk floor control sounds” and “Push-To-Talk Auto-response” enabled in Settings/Voice Settings/Push-To-Talk Options, a sound will now play to notify you when you automatically join a PTT session. This audio notification is only played for the added participant.


These updates are available on both iOS and Android devices and aim to improve your overall Team on the run experience.
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