Team on mission On Premise Update 4.1 Version

STREAMWIDE’s Team on mission solution delivers a powerful set of features for mission-critical players. The latest 4.1 version brings new features and enhancements to the previous 4.0 version to increase security, streamline workflows, and improve user experience

Team on mission 4.1 empowers your teams to collaborate more effectively, ensuring they have the tools they need to succeed in demanding environments. Whether you’re managing emergency response, mission-critical field operations, or other critical tasks, Team on mission On-Premise 4.1 provides the capabilities and security you can rely on.


Features for end-users

  1. “Rooms”: the sovereign collaborative solution for secure and effective virtual meetings

  • Waiting room for external participants:

    • An external participant can only access a room if explicitly allowed by an organization user.
    • The organization user can chat with the external participant before accepting his room access request
    • It offers a high level of security by ensuring a controlled access to the “Public Room”.
* To benefit from “Rooms”, the feature should be activated for your organization. To test it, please contact your reseller.

  1. Digital mission forms management by dispatcher

  • Deletion of digital mission forms *

    • Completed and Canceled mission forms can now be deleted from the Web Scheduling mission console by the dispatcher or automatically by the system after a period of time.
    • Dispatcher can focus only on a mission requesting action or follow up from him.
    • Save storage
  • Real time display update of suggested team members list *

    • Dispatcher has now an easy way to get an update on the team members list that can be assigned to a mission when he updates the planned date and time for this service order.
    • Improved user experience for the dispatcher in assigning missions to the most relevant team members.
  • Digital Mission Date & 24 hours time format support *

    • Administrator can configure different formats in mission form template:
      • Time formats: 12 or 24 hours
      • Date formats: DD/MM/YYYY; MM/DD/YYYY; YYYY/MM/DD
    • Dispatchers and team members can see the date & time displayed in their local formats.

* To benefit from these features, “My Business” and “Scheduling” options should be activated for your organization. To test it, please contact your reseller.

  1. New Languages Support:

The following languages are now supported across the Web Company Admin interface, Webchat, and Android application:
  • Korean
  • Czech
  • Slovak
  • Hungarian

Features for administrator

  1. Bulk block/unblock of user

  • Organization and department administrator can now block or unblock multiple users at once with a file. Blocked users cannot access their data from their mobile or web accounts.
  • Benfits:
    • Block/unblock is available at department administration level.
    • Efficiency thanks to bulk operation.

  1. Department deletion

  • The administrators can now delete a department even if it contains users, as long as it is not the primary department for any of them.

  1. KPI

  • Team on mission platform administrator can view the total number of allocated and total number of used licenses for all organizations on the platform.
  • Benfits:
    • Better control and follow-up of licenses usage

Strengthening security

  1. Authentication via Microsoft Entra ID

  • Microsoft Entra ID can be configured at platform level as an IDMS solution for Web administration, Webchat and Android application.

  1. My Mission Antivirus Attachments filtering

  • Any attachment added to a process by a user can now be scanned by the organization’s antivirus before the process is sent, to detect if it is infected or not.
  • Scans can also be performed on attachments added to the process template by an administrator.
  • Benfits:
    • Improved security preventing sharing of infected files

  1. Layered architecture for Android access

  • Improved isolation of Android access with a full Three-tiered standard architecture.

  1. Segregation of VLANs

  • Increase security of the Standard Distributed Architecture (4 VLANs)
  • Facilitate Separation of public VLAN from private VLAN

Technical features

  1. eMBMS: Fallback from Multicast to Unicast

  • When a user is connected to an audio or video group call and when Multicast becomes unavailable, the communication falls back automatically to Unicast.

  1. NFS Storage disconnection resiliency

  • Improve resiliency to rejoin channels or make new call in case of an unexpected NFS disconnection.

Deprecated features

  • Whiteboard feature:

    • Webchat users of your organization who have the whiteboard option activated will no longer be able to access it.
  • Removal of Previous conversations functionality:

    • When a Webchat user creates a group conversation, the “previous conversations” list with the same selected contacts will not be displayed anymore.


Team on mission On-Premise 4.1 offers a significant update for both end-users and administrators. With features like secure virtual meeting rooms, improved mission form management, and advanced security protocols, Team on mission continues to be a powerful solution for organizations requiring reliable and secure mission-critical tools for communications and field operations management.

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