the sovereign, secure collaborative solution.

Your premises are secure, but what about your meetings?

with Rooms, collaborate with confidence, wherever you are !

Rooms acts as your bridge to borderless connectivity. Bring your teams closer and transcend the limitations of distance with our intuitive and secure collaboration solution.

Whether for internal collaboration or meetings with external parties, Rooms also provides an immersive experience where each interaction is rich and relevant.

the sovereign collaborative solution for secure and effective virtual meetings.

Rooms stands out with a thorough design that prioritizes data sovereignty and security. It also provides a tailored response to the specific needs of your organization.

With Rooms, you can easily create virtual meeting rooms tailored to your specific needs. With one click, choose the type of access that best meets the requirements of each meeting:
  • Public Room for important events such as webinars aimed at your prospects, customers, or partners
  • Guest Room for hosting meetings with external guests whose identity has been verified, providing a higher level of access control to ensure the security of exchanges without compromising intuitiveness
  • Internal Room exclusively reserved for authenticated members of your organization, perfect for organizing group meetings or workshops with just a few clicks
  • Restricted Room, fostering privileged interactions with specific collaborators. Only invited members will have access to the created room

Data protection is not limited to the choice of storage location but also depends on the laws of the country where this data is stored. To address the challenges associated with the expansion of complex extraterritorial laws, we offer you a secure and sovereign solution. The collaborative platform Rooms ensures peace of mind:

  • Benefit from optimal security to guarantee the protection of your exchanges
  • Maintain total control over your sensitive information
  • Choose between SaaS hosting in locations compliant with your country’s jurisdiction or on-premise hosting

No matter where your teams are located, our goal is to enable them to work effectively through our sovereign collaborative solution, Rooms. This platform offers you:

  • An intuitive and secure interface for seamless collaboration
  • The ability to broaden your horizons and connect with partners and clients worldwide, without being limited by geographical borders
  • Tools for co-creating and sharing ideas, allowing your teams to work together seamlessly and efficiently, overcoming barriers of physical distances
  • More cost-effective management: minimize travel expenses without compromising performance

Rooms, the intuitive solution for seamless collaboration.

Call Conferencing

Video Conferencing

Screen Sharing

An all-in-one collaboration platform to optimize coordination and centralize your exchanges.

The collaboration solution Rooms provides you with the opportunity to benefit from several additional features, allowing you to optimize communication within your organization and centralize all your exchanges in a single solution, while reducing your costs.

Multimedia Messaging

Benefit from private and group discussion spaces to exchange information in real-time. Promote dynamic and instant communication within your organization.

A company directory

Find the right contacts effortlessly with a centralized and intuitive company directory. Strengthen team collaboration by facilitating communication.

Advanced telephony (via PBX)

Centralize all your communications and reduce costs by virtualizing your landline phones and replacing DECT devices with a single and efficient solution.

Learn more.

PTT communication channels

Benefit from a flexible and scalable solution to meet your specific communication needs. Empower your field teams with a modern solution for optimal communication.

Learn more.

Rooms, the ideal collaborative solution for demanding organizations.

Rooms is designed for organizations that place significant importance on the security and sovereignty of their data. Our sovereign collaborative platform is tailored to meet the specific needs of sensitive sectors such as:
Government ministries and public administrations

Government ministries and public administrations

and Defense

Military and Defense

Operators of vital importance

Operators of vital importance

and consulates

Embassies and consulates

Banking institutions

Banking institutions

Healthcare sector

Healthcare sector

Law firms

Law firms

Consulting firms

Consulting firms

Ready to unlock new opportunities with Rooms

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