Optimize your field operations management and boost your company’s growth.

Today, with the evolution of customer requirements as well as the growing need for digital transformation, organizations providing field services have to adopt reliable and modern solutions in order to remain competitive in the market and offer the best service.

My Business is the most comprehensive field service management platform specially designed to address field service organizations’ challenges. It helps companies to optimally manage their field operations, thereby improving productivity, enhancing quality of service and increasing customer loyalty.

A platform that helps you optimally manage resources and effectively assign tasks.

My Business helps dispatchers to save valuable time, effectively assign tasks and optimally manage the scheduling taking into account commitments and Service level agreements (SLAs).

   Scheduling & dispatching interface.

 Workforce & asset management.

  Advanced communication features.

 Geolocation and tracking.

By reducing unnecessary effort and automating scheduling, My Business helps dispatchers to work smarter, and better manage workforce.

Dispatchers have access to a scheduling platform where they can see all the work orders by category and can automatically find the right technician or specialist who is able to handle the job based on skills, location, and availability as well as the equipment required for the task.

Getting a satisfactory service with a prompt problem resolution matters a lot to customers. In addition, multiplying service orders to repair a breakdown can increase your operating costs.

My Business helps dispatchers ensure the best skilled technician is assigned to the job to shorten the Mean Time to Repair and improve the First-Time Fix Rate.

Dispatchers can oversee the field activity progress thanks to the operational status, and real-time information sharing so they can intervene at the right time, manage unexpected events in the most effective way, and keep customers informed about the situation. 

Dispatchers can also easily communicate with field technicians via the dedicated communication channels, private calls or instant messaging.

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calendrier des employés sur terrain
Empower field teams with a business app to work more efficiently!

Just as office staff, field teams are equipped with a mobile solution that allows them to work more efficiently, stay safe, and be compliant.

Field service technicians or specialists can see their work schedule from their Smartphone, anytime and from anywhere; they can examine work order details such as customer information, the itinerary, the service history, and can also accept or decline the job if there is an impediment.

 Calendar synchronized in real-time.

 Digital forms and automated processes.

 Advanced communications features.

 Emergency alert system.

 Remote assistance.

Thanks to My Business, field technicians are now more connected than ever to their head office. They can communicate in real-time with dispatchers and managers, easily retrieve information, and can also get remote assistance to fix a complex issue. Thus, by improving coordination you significantly increase the overall performance of your company.

My Business makes field teams work easier replacing paper reporting with digitized forms and automated processes. Technicians can complete in real-time the step-by-step digital process, add a photo, and request the customer’s signature as proof of completion.

In one click, the process will be routed to the right people, so you can improve compliance, have traceability on all tasks and speed up the invoicing process.

As a company managing field teams, My Business  helps you strengthen your field teams’ protection and ensure they are safe thanks to the emergency alert system.

Mobile employees can trigger a geolocated alert if an incident occurs and summon help in a timely manner. Furthermore, automated alerts can also be triggered if an isolated worker is in danger, has an accident or is otherwise incapacitated.

By providing employees with reliable and modern tool to facilitate their work, you can better motivate them, strengthen their engagement and thus increasing productivity and accelerating your business growth.

Help Managers evaluate employee’s performance and make the right decision at the right time.

My Business helps managers make the right decision at the right time. Managers can provide clients with detailed reports that prove the smooth running of all missions as well as the respect of commitments and Service Level Agreements (SLAs). They can also retrieve data to evaluate employee’s performance and analyze KPIs.

Furthermore, you can customize your dashboard according to your specific needs by integrating My Business with existing Information System or third-party services.

  Real-time information.

  Detailed reports.

 Integration with existing Information System.

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Digitize your operational processes to improve compliance while increasing efficiency.

With paper forms, data collection is generally a long and tedious process, often involving  omissions.

My Business allows you to digitize all your operational processes, thereby making them accessible anytime, from anywhere in order to improve compliance and efficiency. Thanks to digital forms, you can collect data in real-time, facilitate reporting, avoid document loss and errors, and accelerate decision-making.

no code Easy creation of processes (No code).
administrated platform Administered platform.
Library of business process templates.
Process automation.

predictive maintenance process
Implement preventive maintenance to reduce breakdowns.

My Business allows you to schedule periodic service maintenance to check the proper functioning of equipment and thus avoid breakdowns.

My Business can integrate with your IoT platform making it possible to limit corrective maintenance costs by putting in place a preventive maintenance plan. It allows you to automate work orders based on insights sent by  IoT sensors which helps you prevent issues, intervene in a timely manner, and reduce downtime.


Using technology becomes essential to ensure a better processing of data flows as well as an optimal management of the company’s resources.

My Business helps you  achieve the expected level of compliance by standardizing and automating all your business processes. Moreover, you can improve the quality of service by empowering employees with the right tool to help them excel, and thus increase customer satisfaction.

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all-in-one solution

Team on the run My Business is the all-in-one, secure, and reliable solution that provides your employees with all the features they need for the smooth running of field activity. Whether in the office or in the field, on-site or off-site, team members can better coordinate their actions, and work more efficiently.

This comprehensive solution allows you to centralize all your work in a unique application thus increasing efficiency and maximizing your ROI while reducing costs.


An all-in-one and feature-rich solution.

 A reliable, secure and sovereign platform.

 Available on SaaS and On-premise.

 Offers customized user experience.

 Compatible with a wide range of devices and accessories.

CuStomization & integration capabilities.


Integration with information system, and third-party services.

Mobile SDK

Customize the user experience based on your specific needs.

IoT Integration

Integration with IoT platforms to implement predictive maintenance.

Device agnostic

Wide range of compatible devices.
Android, iOS, rugged smartphones, etc.


Wide range of accessories supported to provide your teams with the best user experience.


My Business STARTER

  • Digital Process
  • Messaging

My Business ADVANCED

  • Digital Process
  • Messaging
  • Scheduling
  • Geolocation / Geofencing
  • VOIP & PTT calls

My Business Premium

  • Digital Process
  • Messaging
  • Scheduling
  • Geolocation / Geofencing
  • VOIP & PTT calls
  • Video calls / Video Streaming
  • Emergency alerts / LWP features