New-generation communications  solution for smart airports

Airports today handle millions of passengers with multidisciplinary teams and operators, including air traffic controllers, technicians, gate agents, cleaners and customs officers. To offer passengers a better travel experience while increasing safety and revenue, we provide airports with a new-generation communications solution that meets smart airports’ requirements and helps them improve team coordination.


Organizations cannot achieve better results using obsolete and limited tools while procedures and technologies are constantly evolving. To achieve better performance, the way airport professionals communicate has to be transformed by empowering them with modern, secure and reliable tools.

As communication is key to an airport’s success, many benefits can be obtained from our new-generation communications application, team on mission, that offers a wide range of possibilities to improve communication and coordination between the different operators.

PTT group communication _ Airportn
Real-time communication

In private life, we use multimedia messaging, VoIP and video communications for instant exchanges. In the work sphere, professionals should also be able to take advantage of this technological evolution without compromising security, so they can work efficiently and continuously improve passengers’ experience.

While legacy tools such as Walkie Talkie and DECT devices provide limited functions (text messages, PTT, Voice) for basic communications, team on mission is a modern and secure mission-critical communications solution that provides airport professionals with unified access to a wide range of advanced functions, including instant multimedia conversations, all-voice, video, data and MCPTT services, automated processes, geolocation and emergency systems.

The result is substantially-improved performance and coordination between teams.

Exchange information in an optimal way!

communication cycle between the airport professionals

In an airport environment, teams need to communicate seamlessly to optimize their operations. To achieve this, a unified and reliable communications and collaboration solution is needed to enhance team coordination.

Team on mission allows the reception of data in real time on all types of media (smartphones, tablets and computers). It also enables the establishment of reliable information feedback systems and can interconnect airport terminals with the information systems of the different companies, thus enhancing the transmission and exchange of information.

In addition, team on mission can be integrated with PMR systems such as Tetra, Tetrapol or P25 with a radio gateway which allows a smooth transition from an existing PMR system to the new-generation communication system based on the 4G/5G LTE networks. This enables airport operators to connect with first responders in the event of a crisis.

With a private 4G/5G network, the communications traffic of team members or specific operations can be prioritized according to urgency or importance.

Improve efficiency and INCREASE security while adopting a modern, reliable and secure solution.


Team on mission makes it possible to prevent issues by integrating IoT platforms in order to optimize operations management and it helps you detect issues and intervene faster. The right person will receive the automated workflow at the right moment. During each mission, employees can have access to the digital process they have to follow, they can complete relevant forms using a smartphone or a tablet, and they can add pictures as proof of execution. They can also trigger video streaming if they need external assistance to resolve the problem quickly and efficiently, or they can use the same app to send a spare part provisioning request from the same place and obtain approval within minutes.

Team on mission makes task execution easier for employees and enables them to work more efficiently.

IoT process on mobile

Protect your employees, data and infrastructure

Data encryption Team on mission is a secure application with military-grade encryption, allowing communication exchanges in a secure and controlled way using a smart device. Moreover, your data is processed and stored at your own facilities within your own jurisdiction, making it subject only to your local privacy and data protection laws.

employees protection Team on mission helps you improve employees’ protection thanks to the emergency and Lone Worker Protection system.  You can receive an automatic alert when an isolated employee is in distress or when an emergency occurs. You can also locate your team members, get their real-time position, call them and dispatch general alerts.

Anytime, any device, anywhere

Anytime, any device, anywhere


Small and large scale rapidly deployable

rugged devices

Compatible with rugged devices


A wide range of accessories are supported

IoT platforms

Integration with IoT platforms thanks to API services

High security level

High security level
compliance with 3GPP standards


Interoperability with TETRA,
Tetrapol, P25

Optimize the use of a private 4G/5G LTE network

"The development of the smart airport is a priority for us and it is in this objective that we launched the deployment of a professional private 4G/5G network on the airport platforms of Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Le Bourget and Orly. Our collaboration with STREAMWIDE is part of this dynamic and will enable us to offer airport operators optimal connectivity for their critical communications"
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Henri Tallon
Director of the Telecom Division at Hub One