Team on the Run:
A HIPAA Compliant Mobile Communication Tool
for Healthcare Professionals.

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This January, the Indiana Court of Appeals upheld a landmark victory that sets the precedent for patients seeking to hold health professionals accountable for violating HIPAA policy on the sharing of personal health information (PHI.)

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The good news is that these situations are easily avoidable through the proper protection of PHI. Team on the Run, being a HIPAA compliant communication tool, can help you control your communications to increase efficiency and ensure compliance.
Team on the Run Helps Hospitals Work Faster
The Challenge: A regional hospital needs a way to help its small staff see more patients and process prescriptions efficiently, while adhering to HIPAA guidelines on PHI security. The Solution: The Team on the Run solution, installed on existing devices allows instant communication; removing the need to play “phone tag”, deal with voice mail, or wait for bulky emails. The Result: Staff free up enough time to see up to 50% more patients. The time saved in communications reduces patient wait times, sends procedure results back to doctors faster, and allows staff to see more patients per shift. Capture
Team on the Run Protects Local Pharmacy from Lawsuit
The Challenge: A customer thinks the pharmacy may have accidentally leaked PHI to their partner. The pharmacy may be confident that their staff is well-trained in honoring the HIPAA “Privacy Rule”, but how do they prove their data security to a court? The Solution: Unlike SMS texts or other messaging services – Team on the Run messaging tracks records sent and received, and is designed with the latest protection protocols. The solution includes an extra level of authentica- tion to help ensure that sensitive information is only sent to verified recipients. External control features can prevent former employees from taking private PHI with their devices should they leave. The Result: The Team on the Run solution, along with the secure records of staff members using the solution, can help protect you from liability through supporting chain of custody for the receipt of private information. Capture
Team on the Run Helps Doctors Work Remotely
The Challenge: Doctors and nurses sometimes make house calls, work from remote locations, or sometimes respond to an emergency when not officially on duty. They may need a way to communicate in real time, without compromising personal information. The Solution: The Team on the Run solution allows for separate, distinct groups. Doctors need to share information, including files or images, with staff for a specific patient. They need a way to discuss information about that patient, without sharing this private information with other staff not involved with that patient’s care. The Result: Medical staff can share needed information in real time, without breaching privacy. Other communications platforms give users “one big room” where they create a HIPAA privacy violation risk by dealing with messages from all users, regardless of relevance. Capture Learn more at and if you enjoyed this post, browse our other blog posts to read about Team on the Run’s many other powerful business-oriented communication features and follow us on social media! If you would like to know more about provisioning your team with Team on the Run, check out and sign-up in just a couple of minutes via the “Subscribe” section, or contact our team directly at Best, The Team on the Run Team

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