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As many of us have now become more used to the idea of working from home I wanted to take some time to go over some of the many benefits utilizing Team on the run remotely can provide. At its heart, team on the run is a communication solution designed to be flexible and built to work under a multitude of circumstances. Today I will be going over a few key ways to take advantage of the team on the run application while working remotely. Here are some key ways Team on the Run optimizes remote collaboration:


Streamlined Communication: Push-to-Talk (PTT) and Channels

While video conferencing can be valuable, PTT offers a more efficient alternative for quick group discussions and categorizes departments in your organization in the form of “channels”.

These channels are a quick and easy way to allow your team members to have instant meetings by just hopping into a respective channel when a situation arises where it’s more relevant to discuss verbally than through messaging.

This allows users to collaborate more quickly when away from the office and since team on the run offers a multitude of feature rich communication avenues, you can go straight from having a messaging conversation with a group to a PTT Channel with just one-click, giving you the feel of walking up to someone’s desk and heading into the conference room to meet on topics.

Effortless Access: Corporate Directory at your Fingertip

Just because the office may not be an option currently does not mean you will not have access to all your colleagues. Team on the Run’s corporate directory provides a user-friendly search function, allowing you to locate and connect with any employee or department effortlessly. Search by department and access detailed profiles to ensure you’re reaching the right person, maintaining the same level of efficiency as in-office communication.

Uninterrupted Mobility: Accessible Across Mobile, Web & Tablet

Although most of us are confined to home office setups, Team on the Run isn’t confined to desktops. Our software is fully compatible with iOS and Android devices as well as full access from a web browser like Chrome or Firefox, ensuring seamless communication on the go.

Whether you’re juggling childcare, attending meetings remotely, or working from your home office, Team on the Run adapts to your needs. This enables our end users the ability to move about their day and still have full communication with their co-workers.

Team on the run will be by your side whether you need to take a meeting on the go or work 8 hours at your desk, you can switch seamlessly from phone to tablet, and back over to the computer.

The application’s consistent interface across devices eliminates any learning curve, allowing you to switch effortlessly between:

  • phone
  • tablet
  • computer

Fiels Management Solution: My Business

My Business is Team on the Run’s integrated task management feature, which digitizes your workflows whether it’s time-sheets, projects, checklists or sick day forms. Our process center is there to streamline how you work and keep all your in-office processes the same remotely.

Need to request a sick day? Just fill out the form in My Business and have it set to auto-route to the appropriate managers or office without having to think “did I include everyone?”.

My Business also allows for remote clocking in/out, perfect for tracking billable hours and maintaining work efficiency. Especially for remote work it has great benefits so you can know when and where your employees are when they start their day and when they finish.

This way billable hours can stay the same no matter where you are. My Business is a flexible tool that empowers remote workers to stay organized and productive.


Team on the Run is a comprehensive solution for remote teams, offering a variety of features to streamline communication and collaboration. Whether your organization is newly adjusting to remote work or has established remote teams, Team on the Run provides the tools and functionalities to navigate these “strange times” effectively. These are just some of the many ways team on the run are providing value to our customers globally during these strange times.

Reach out today to learn more about how Team on the run can assist your business with its communication needs

FAQS | Streamlined Remote Collaboration with Team on the Run

Q1. How does Team on the run improve Communication for Remote Teams ?

Team on the Run offers several features to enhance remote communication, including:

  • Push-to-Talk (PTT) and Channels: PTT allows for quick group discussions, while channels categorize departments for easy access
  • Streamlined Communication Flow: Switch between messaging and PTT channels seamlessly, fostering collaboration that mimics in-office interactions

Q2. Is Team on the run accesible on different devices ?

Absolutely! Team on the Run is compatible with mobile devices (iOS and Android), web browsers (Chrome, Firefox), and tablets. This ensures uninterrupted communication.

Q3. How does Team on the run help manage remote teams ?

My Business, Team on the Run’s integrated task management feature, helps digitize workflows. This includes:
  • Streamlined Processes: Complete tasks like submitting timesheets, managing projects, and requesting sick leave electronically
  • Remote Clocking: Track billable hours and maintain work efficiency with remote clock-in/out functionalities

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