The pandemic has brought a lot of changes to the way we do business. Our couches have become our office chairs, our pets are now full-time co-workers, and our conference rooms have now become a virtual space. While we were all in a mad dash to get set up to this new workspace some things were left behind. Office phones, more specifically DECT handsets or fixed lines, a staple for what was a modern office. If you needed to reach a coworker the floor above you, you would just pick up the phone and dial in their extension. For a secretary, this would be used to transfer calls to whomever the call was placed for. This is one piece of the office that has been left behind during today’s time that can provide challenges for any business.

With stay-at-home orders forcing organizations to pivot to these new work environment certain aspects have become challenges. Where is your office phone calls going? Are you able to quickly get in touch with co-workers, customers and partners at the same speed you are used to? These phones still provide valuable but are not as easy to maintain or access while our workstations have changed. 

What a modern telephony system can provide is a more agile and efficient way to communicate with your employees and even externally with customers and partners. In the same way, we have digitized our meeting rooms into video calls, the way we used office phones can be altered in a similar fashion. Instead of looking into getting a professional fixed phone or DECT handsets for your work-from-home employees, a digital solution exists, allowing you to run your business exactly how you would in the office. This solution also saves on maintenance, purchasing of the devices and set-up costs.

With team on the run’s Advanced Telephony System, your company can function entirely 1:1 as it did in the office, with a quick setup and no additional wires or devices necessary you can virtualize your DECT and fixed phone with a smartphone or laptop. With this, you can still make and receive external calls, reach out to co-workers via our corporate directory, and even transfer a call from one employee to the next.

By eliminating the use of old telephony systems, you can enable all employees to feel fully in control working from any environment but also by empowering your employees to be able to communicate more efficiently with not only their own teams but with business partners external from your organization. Moving over to a more modern solution also allows you to protect your company information even from afar. You can communicate in a more secure way and your data is always stored on servers located within your own jurisdiction.

While pivoting employees to work from home during a crisis presented its own challenging, pivoting technology to also work from home has provided its own obstacles. Working from home should not mean that you have less visibility with your coworkers or use tools that are just acceptable given our current climate. With an advanced telephony system in place, you can enhance the work from home experience and give all your employees that office feel even if they are on the couch.

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