Business Messaging
the new Email?

Business Messaging the new Email?

In this fast paced, always on, and always accessible business world we are seeing a trend of companies utilizing business messaging more frequent than email. Messaging has now become the latest way for us to communicate with co-workers.

Messaging is something that has been around for years but is now catching on for business purposes within this 24/7 line of communication world we live in. Employees may or may not always be accessible by Email but will always have access to their cell phone.


Today, messaging has already surpassed email as the most popular digital communication channel. By 2018, 3.6 billion people are set to be using some form of messaging; that’s 90% of all internet users.” – Chole Green (Information Age)


One of the reasons messaging is excelling in business is the more personal feel that a message gives off as opposed to an email. Messaging at the end of the day is more of a “social application” than an email.

Messaging is something you can do while on the go and it can be responded to quickly without having to worry about sending a “best regards” or “cheers” at the end of your email. You also never have to worry about whether or not you just need to “reply” to an email or “reply all.”

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Team on the Run: Business Messaging Platform


With Team on the Run we make business messaging fast, easy, effective, and secure. Team on the Run is the all in one tool for companies looking to take the next step in business communications.

Team on the Run is an all in one business communication tool to help aide you and your business in using a business messaging platform. Team on the Run is designed for businesses in a way other types of communication are not. We provide industrial end-to-end security, ensuring your corporate privacy while making it accessible to use while on the go on your mobile or sitting at the office using our web platform.

When you look into utilizing a business messaging platform look for one that guarantees safe and verifiable reception of all your messages: text, corporate documents, maps, contacts, photos, videos, music, and more.

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