TOTR Advanced
Telephony System

Team on the run is now bringing a new and innovative approach to telephony systems in a way to advance the space and cut costs for businesses. Telephony systems have been around for the last few decades as a way for organizations to make calls in and out of the office.  DECT devices and fixed phones were kings of the communication castle as your one-stop shop to make calls in and out of the office. While we have progressed to most people mainly using cellphones for external calls, office phones remain a vital part of most business operations.

With Team on the run’s advanced telephony system, businesses can now virtualize their DECT devices or fixed lines, by cutting costs on infrastructure, maintenance, and hardware that comes with an in-office telephony system. This virtualized 1:1 replacement also provides flexible and security to meet the operational needs of today’s market. 


There are three main challenges a company faces while using older telephony systems.

  • They can be expensive and difficult to maintain, between radio frequencies, cost of the base station and standard maintenance, monthly and yearly costs can continue to add up.
  • Obsolete equipment, DECT phones are becoming harder to use as work environments change. They can be expensive as well if you need to purchase newer ones. The phone itself also has limited function as it can only make and receive calls.
  • Complicated Technology, between cabling, making sure you have the right antenna and having to teach new employees how to use short numbers, the phones can end up making you less efficient over time.
More recently another challenge has emerged for companies in the form of the COVID-19 global pandemic, this has surged the work from home rates as more and more businesses have had to pivot. With COVID-19, the need to be able to communicate on the go as well as from remote locations went from a luxury to a necessity. With our advanced telephony offering we aim to bridge that gap and improve on the already existing functions offered.

By eliminating the use of old telephony systems, you can enable all employees to feel fully in control working from any environment but also by empowering your employees to be able to communicate more efficiently with not only their own teams but with business partners external from your organization.


Team on the run can be deployed rapidly with no heavy hardware investment and with no routine maintenance costs. There is no need for cable management or concerns over frequency bands. If you have access to the internet or a mobile phone, you can be up and running within minutes for your whole organization. Our aim is to provide an exact replacement that not only provides all existing functions of a DECT handset but a plethora of additional communication needs, all in one platform.  Being able to replace, while replicating, the consistency and need for an internal/external office communication solution was a no brainer.

Once deployed, team on the run allows for agile communication for all departments involved. There is no need to train a new hire on how to use their office phone or having to waste time going through a dated hardware for contact information. With team on the run, your company is with you whether you are on your phone or at your computer. This eliminates the need to run back to a desk to check a message or to grab someone’s contact information to send an email. Any way you work, team on the run is there to work for you.


With team on the run when we say “all-in-one communication” we really do mean it. While offering an exact replacement to your desk phone needs, team on the run also offers the ability to do internal messaging, file sharing, push-to-talk, audio/video conferencing, task management, geolocation and even emergency alerts for remote or field employees. Not only can you replace outdated hardware with team on the run, but improve all your communication needs and keep your business safe and secure while utilizing one platform.