Increase efficiency while
strengthening employees' protection

Team on the run (TOTR) Geofencing is a platform that allows companies to define virtual geographical areas called “Geofences” and put in place a sequence of actions that are automatically triggered depending on the users’ locations and movements in these predefined perimeters. For example, messages or push notifications/alerts can be sent to users when they enter or leave a given area.

With team on the run Geofencing, we help companies:

Improve operational efficiency

Strengthen employee’s protection

Monitor work progress easily and save valuable time

Increase operational efficiency and minimize error rate.

Team on the run Geofencing allows you to simplify tasks and increase team members’ efficiency by automating some actions based on the users’ location or movements in a given area.


You can automatically connect users to the right communication channel as soon as they enter a given area. This allows you to keep them informed with the latest news in real-time, and it facilitates communication between all the mission stakeholders and managers.


You can also automate information sharing by automatically sending all relevant information to the users who enter the area, such as instructions, procedures or site guides related to their mission. This helps them to get easy access to information, focus better on their mission, and thus work more efficiently.

Focus on your main objectives
by simplifying daily recurring tasks.

Enhance field workers' protection.

In some organizations, the time spent in a sensitive area must be limited. In order to help you strengthen the protection of your employees, team on the run Geofencing makes it possible to send automated alerts to users as soon as the time limit is reached, and the manager can also be notified in order to intervene if necessary.

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Protect your mobile employees or expats.

Thanks to TOTR Geofencing, you can better protect your expats/mobile teams traveling abroad, especially if they are going to risky areas or countries. You can predefine risky zones on the map and alerts will be automatically triggered when an employee approaches the geographical border of one of these areas.

Manage your field teams efficiently!

Team on the run Geofencing helps managers/dispatchers to better manage field workers, and to easily oversee work progress in real-time. Managers can be automatically notified when a team member (maintenance agent, delivery agent, etc.) arrives on site; they can follow their movements in real-time, and be notified when they leave an area. Moreover, managers can easily communicate with their teams via the dedicated communication channel, and send them messages/mission information.

In addition, managers can generate detailed reports with just a few clicks and extract data that helps them when decision-making.


Use cases.