Collaborate seamlessly with your teams and third parties within the same platform

Providing organizations an avenue to securely communicate with their employees and partners alike is at the core of our business. Team on the run is designed to scale with our customers business needs and help them, each day, operate their business quickly and efficiently. Challenges are ever present and ever-changing for any organization. With team on the run, our goal is to make sure organizations can not only meet these challenges but to surpass them.

With customers ranging from small to large and across many sectors like Energy, Logistic, Transportation, Hospitality, Smart City, etc., Team on the run must work in a wide variety of spaces. With team on the run, you get a full suite of tools to assist your day-to-day communication needs. From basic messaging, Push-to-Talk (PTT), geolocation (for Dispatch) and task management to collaboration features like Video conferencing, screen sharing, and a whiteboard, our software aims to provide organizations with all the communication tools necessary to run a business in 2022 and beyond.

Invite guests without putting your organization’s data at stake

With our recently released Guest Featureteam on the run users will be able to invite external guests to their organizations team on the run account, whether they are a partner, distributor, or an intern, they will be able to access certain conversations and participate within the team on the run secured ecosystem. With team on the run, safety and security is at the forefront. Our application and the way we handle data is to make it entirely yours. When you create a team on the run account for your organization, we are putting you in-charge. The application becomes your company’s application, and we take that seriously. Your data is your data, we do not store any of your information and with the ability to go with team on the run as an on-premise solution, we are allowing you to take full control of the solution to ensure that your data and information stays within your organization. Below you will find a few ways team on the run have addressed the challenges met by certain sectors. Each sector and even organization at any level are met with their own unique issues and tasks that they need to solve; our aim is always to assist and have our solution be as flexible as possible to meet any problem met along the way.


The Energy sector is a space that has a ton of challenges, when the pandemic hit and employees were fragmented with some essential and some working from home, organizations had to figure things out on the fly. 

With team on the run (TOTR), companies were able to maintain their standard day-to-day operations no matter where they are working. With the ability to collaborate and instantly start a conference call both audio and video, team members didn’t have to miss a beat regarding their communication. 

Employees were able to receive automated demands via TOTR My Business to intervene in a faster way. They were able to communicate with each other to make projects move forwards without any delay. Teams can communicate together from anywhere using their mobile or laptops. Fixed phone was virtualized and DECT/Talkie-Walkies were replaced by our all-in-one app team on the run which helped employees work efficiently using a modern, intuitive and unique tool.


Hospitality organizations, where collaboration is vital, were met with a unique blend of challenges brought on from a pandemic. With the help of team on the run, these organizations were able to meet their normal day-to-day communication needs digitally. From managing internal processes, to collaborating on projects via our whiteboard functionality.


Organizations in the Logistics and transportation sector have had to face the challenge where some workers need to work out in the field and some from home. 

With team on the run, these jobs can be done seamlessly regardless of if everyone is in the same place or not. With our collaboration suite of tools, co-workers can work and share documents, host meetings, and share their screen all within a single solution.