How TOTR Collaboration tools help you work efficiently without compromising data security?

At Team on the run (TOTR), data security is at the forefront of our business. Providing tools for organizations to help them grow and collaborate in this ever-changing environment. Team on the run’s collaboration suite enables organizations to centralize all their communication needs, reduce cost, and protect their integral data.

Our suite of ever-evolving collaboration tools has been helping businesses meet the demands of the current working climate. From working remote and needing a way to coordinate tasks, departments, and conversations. To providing video conferencing capabilities on both mobile and web in a secure “company focused” environment. What we mean by “company focused” is by giving the keys to team on the run to your organization. We provide you the platform, you run the business.

With team on the run, you can set up administrators for your organization and give control to the people who need it. Thus, enabling your in-office workflows the ability to interact away from the office as well. We want your data to stay your data, and your company to stay your company. 

Team on the run is a controlled environment, your information and security are important to us. With our new invite-guest feature, we are allowing your organization to invite external members safely, and securely to video/audio conferencing meetings, collaborate and share screens with specific team members (at your discretion) and to collaborate on projects. 

By empowering your teams with control, team on the run has been able to help numerous organizations of all sizes to meet the new challenges we face in this current climate head on. With team on the run, all you need is your phone or computer, and we’ll take care of all your communication and collaboration needs.

Whether you are making basic calls and messaging or using team on the run to set up meetings with team members or collaborating on projects you can do so knowing that your data is protected. Where other conferencing software’s allow for loose external communication, with TOTR we want to ensure that you are aware of who has access to your account and when inviting a guest, making sure that they have limited visibility to certain parts of your organization.

By centralizing your communication needs, TOTR allows you to stay concentrated on the tasks at hand and while everything changes around us, we make sure that your work doesn’t have to. With this simplified solution, not only are you saving time and energy by using one solution, but you can also cut the costs of having to deal with multiple licenses, hardware, and manpower trying to troubleshoot simple tasks.