2016 President’s Message - MultiVAS is over, welcome to Cloud VAS and NFV

2016-02-09, Paris, France

MultiVAS is over, welcome to Cloud VAS and NFV

Value Added Services (VAS) used to be provided in silos (VMS, SMS, MMS, USSD, OTA, RBT, IVR). Five years ago some vendors had the idea to put all their silos in the same place and called it MultiVAS. It was a smart commercial approach: no vendor had the best in every VAS, but by bundling multiple subpar VAS systems, a few big vendors could handcuff the telcos and fill their networks in one fell swoop.  
Fortunately this time is over. Telcos and MSOs are now deploying cloud technologies where they can host the best-of-breed for each VAS service, in a truly integrated, operationally transparent, and independent way, guaranteeing real High Availability and Geo-Redundant infrastructure. 
Telco-grade clouds have already started to host NFV and SDN functions allowing operators to dramatically increase their service quality while reducing investment and operations costs. These fully hardware agnostic environments, based on standard virtualization software platforms such as Openstack, are freeing operators from the VAS vendor handcuffs, finally allowing them to make the best technological and financial choices for their network.
Starting today, your VAS cloud transition is all the more critical, and the help StreamWIDE will lend is tremendous: StreamWIDE VMS is the world’s only VAS with 25 million subscribers on a single virtualized critical real-time VoIP platform, in production for more than 3 years. Thanks to our cutting edge technology, all StreamWIDE solutions are cloud-ready. Our track record, and long VAS and cloud experience, will make your cloud transition painless and anxiety free. 
A trusted and proven partner is especially important for critical applications such as our real time OCS (Charging) solution. Taking your OCS and VMS to the cloud will allow you the operational and architectural flexibility you never enjoyed with custom legacy systems, while benefit from all that another best-of-breed open and flexible solution can offer.
Why stop there? You can immediately increase ARPU and customer loyalty by launching our white label Business IP Messaging application: Team on the Run. Hosted in your cloud, it is a turnkey solution with little or no integration required that can be deployed in one month and immediately generate new revenue. 
The instant benefits of the cloud revolution are at your fingertips, talk to us today to learn more.