Mobile Operators

Mobile TeleSystems (MTS)

Mobile TeleSystems OJSC (“MTS”  – NYSE: MBT) is the leading telecommunications provider in Russia and the CIS with operations in Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Armenia.

MTS deployed StreamWIDE Messaging to provide voicemail, Missed Call Alert and Visual Voicemail services to their Russian subscribers.


SFR is the second mobile operator in France with 18,8 millions of customers and 34% market share (except MVNO customers).

Owning his GSM/GPRSEdge and 3G/3G+ networks, SFR develops overall offers for public and business customers : mobile phone, multimedia services ans data mobile solutions. 

SFR selected StreamWIDE for its Convergent Messaging capabilities and its Visual Voicemail-compliant back-end.

Bouygues Telecom

Bouygues Telecom is the third largest mobile operator in France with more than 10 million mobile customers. It was the first carrier in France to launch quadruple play services in 2009, and it also provides fixed telephony services to more than 300,000 users.

Bouygues Telecom selected the StreamWIDE convergent messaging solution to equip its multiple play ADSL consumers with fixed-mobile convergence features, innovative web interfaces, and SMS notification services, among others.


Set up at the end of the 19th century, Telma, the first operator of telecommunications frames in Madagascar, is the reference in telecommunications in Madagascar. As the first convergent operator in Madagascar, Telma is gathering all of the information technologies and telecoms activities. Telma also offers integrated solutions for fixed phone, mobile and Internet for its 700,000 customers.

Telma selected StreamWIDE for its Next Generation Messaging Solutions


Flow Trinidad, Flow Jamaica, and Flow Granada have selected StreamWIDE to supply the centralized voicemail solution that will serve their residential and business market segments. Flow Trinidad, Flow Jamaica, and Flow Granada are subsidiaries of Columbus Communications, a Caribbean-based telecommunications provider with operations in 22 Caribbean countries.

Only (Outremer Telecom Group)

The Outremer Telecom Group has established itself in the French overseas regions (Martinique, Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Reunion, and Mayotte) as the leading alternative telecom operator able to offer a full range of fixed line, mobile, and Internet access services for both residential and business customers.

Outremer Telecom uses StreamWIDE voice messaging, mobile charging, prepaid cards, and IVR solutions for the operations it runs under its brand ONLY.

SFR Réunion

SFR Réunion is a mobile operator in La Réunion, a French overseas territory in the Indian Ocean. SFR La Réunion belongs to SFR, a French telephony company owned by Vivendi and Vodafone.
SFR Réunion selected StreamWIDE for its voicemail backend, including visual voicemail capabilities.


Since 2007, Inwi has positioned itself as new Morocco global operator, present on both residential and business segments, fixed and mobile, on a CDMA network. Inwi commits to develop mass-market telecom services and to widespread access to information and communication technologies in Morocco.

Avantel S.A.S.

 Avantel S.A.S. is a Colombian mobile operator dedicated to the corporate and government segments in over 20 cities. Avantel has selected StreamWIDE to enhance its call completion services.

Fixed Line, Broadband DSL, and WLL


EDATEL, subsidiary of group UNE EPM Telecommunicaciones, is a Colombian telecommunications company providing wireline and wireless services.

StreamWIDE has supplied EDATEL with a telecom platform enabling a unique “Wireless Extension” service.”Wireless extension” is a smart fixed-wireless convergence feature which allows fixed-line customers to enjoy the freedom of using a wireless device to place and receive calls. This service is an extension of their fixed line number with the same fixed line telephony plan. This offering is available to Edatel through StreamWIDE Global Communications software platform.


Completel is a B2B & B2B2C global operator focused on the high-speed and very-high speed network offers. Completel selected StreamWIDE's Unified Messaging Solution for its B2B2C offers.
Darty, French leading electronic products retailer, chose Completel for deploying its DARTYBOX Triple Play offer, and enable its clients to take advantage of this solution.

Cable Operators


GVT, Brazil’s leading facilities-based telecommunications and internet solutions provider, is using StreamWIDE Messaging solution to provide innovative voicemail services to its residential triple-play subscribers through its IP backbone.

ntl : Telewest Business

ntl:Telewest Business, part of the Virgin Media Group, UK's leading entertainment & communications company, chose StreamWIDE to deliver its Messaging solution to its IP Multimedia business subscribers.


Numericable is a cable operator proposing a Triple Play offer: Digital TV, Internet and Telephone in Belgium and France. StreamWIDE supplies Numericable with its Unified Messaging solution, StreamWIDE Messaging.

IP Centrex Operators


B3G, a member of the Completel family, is a VOIP competitive carrier offering IP centrex services in France. B3G has chosen StreamWIDE for its voicemail product and IVR technology.

IC Telecom

IC Telecom is Voice + Data infrastructure operator.
Expert in VOIP services, IC Telecom proposes a range of white-brand services dedicated to telco and information technology professionals.
IC Telecom chose StreamWIDE Editor solution to deploy Interactive Vocal Services.

Service Providers

On Voicefeed
Over The Top visual voicemail service

 A revolutionary Over The Top service, On Voicefeed is a visual voicemail app for Iphone that enables its users to personalize their greetings for their callers. The service also provides visual voicemail retrieval, mp3 messages download and user-friendly “type your greeting” features. 

On Voicefeed selected StreamWIDE for their unique voicemail system providing support for the customized greetings functionality.


Cellcast Media

Cellcast Media is a european provider of entertainment IVR services such as logos and ringtones for GSM phones, chat services, messaging,. Cellcast media has chose StreamWIDE technology to replace its legacy IVR servers.

Cellfish Media

Cellfish Media is a new digital content, marketing and distribution group that creates original branded content such as music ringtones, wallpapers, animations, games, infotainment services, and community applications aimed at the Mobile Generation. It operates the largest interactive response business in Germany and is a leading provider of mobile content and services in Europe and North America.