Using the
Team on the Run App.

Using the Team on the Run App.

Welcome back to our Team on the Run User Guide! This section will give you a guided tour of the Team on the Run app, and show you how to get started.

Home Screen on the App











Phone Icon, top right: Voice Services menu – Access VOIP Calling, Walkie-Talkie, and traditional calling services (if enabled. Note that all recipients must be Team on the Run users to receive VoIP or PTT services.

Message Bubble Icon, top right: Messaging menu – Create new messages and group chats directly.

Contacts Tab (bottom): Review your individual contacts, as well as groups and departments.

Recent Chats Tab (bottom): Shows a recap of your recent conversations.

Channels Tab (bottom): Access your pre-determined PTT/Walkie-Talkie channels.

Settings Tab (bottom): Options for alerts, account settings, and help.


Your Team on the Run App Interface in Detail

There are tabs in the app that offer you different options on how to use the solution. Note that Tabs will appear on the top of the screen on Android devices, and bottom of the screen on iPhones.

The Contacts Tab
A list of all your available Contacts or Groups in Team on the Run
You can filter these by Group versus individual Contacts, or by search
Use the “Select” button at the top to add multiple recipients (you can mix Groups and individuals) to a new Group Conversation
Note: Only System Admins or Sub-Admins can add/edit/delete contacts to Team on the Run.

The Recent Chats Tab
See a listing of all current conversations that you are involved in
Use the “Phone” icon to bring up VoIP, mobile calling, or Walkie-Talkie options (if available)
Create new conversations with the “Talk Bubble”
The “Edit” option allows you to select and delete old conversations
If you use Team on the Run on both a mobile device and WebChat, your conversations will automatically sync in real time so that when you visit your Recent Chat Tab, it will always contain the most updated information exchange.

The Channels Tab
Included automatically for those who use the Team on the Run Walkie-Talkie service
Allows secure push-to-talk conversations with multiple participants on the same “channel”.
These “open channel” conversations cannot be eavesdropped upon by people other than the conversation participants.

The Settings Tab
My Account
• Review your account credentials

• Option to set availability status (only shown if Geolocation service is enabled)

• Set preference for Walkie-Talkie connections (only shown if Walkie-Talkie is enabled)
• Option to turn Geolocation service On or Off (only shown is Geolocation is enabled)

• Option to automatically retrieve attachments to smartphone
• Option to enable to download attachments only when connected on Wi-Fi
• Enable Team on the Run users to send you messages via SMS when in poor network conditions

• Dashboard info: brief reporting on your usage of Team on the Run enterprise messaging
• Reset statistics: resets your dashboard reporting
• Storage size: total volume of TOTR cloud storage space for attachments. Ask your admin for further details on usage limits.
• Option to automatically save attachments to your smartphone (images and video only)
• Option to automatically delete messages

Notifications and Alerts
• Privacy and alert settings for incoming messages

About Team on the Run
• Help desk


Looking Up Team Member Contact Information

Team on the Run contains updated information for all of your team members including:
– Full name
– Phone number
– E-mail
– Department/Position
– Groups/Departments this person belongs to
– Profile Picture

You can locate this information and place secure calls or send secure messages to these contacts directly through the app in the Contacts Tab:
1) Contacts tab > Individuals > Search contact by inserting contact name, group or department
2) Select desired contact from filtered search list, this will open a conversation box with this contact in the recipient line on top of the screen
3) Click the contact’s name to pull up option and select “Contact” to display this person’s contact information.

A-102015-NewConvoA-102015-UserProfile A-102015-CallingMenu

Note: It is the Systems Admin’s responsibility to keep information accurate. Please contact your Admin if you wish to update your information.

Instant Messaging Through Team on the Run

You can create a new conversation directly from the Recent Chats tab by pressing the talk bubble icon (blue icon with the plus sign.) Alternatively, you can select conversation recipients from the Contacts Tab.
Once you have selected your recipient(s), you will be offered a chance to name the conversation with a subject line. Think of this in the same way as the subject line for an email – a way to help people organize their business communications.


Broadcast Messages

If it is more convenient to send a one way message or notification to a team or group of people, you can send a Broadcast message instead of a group message. The process is the same:
• Recent Chats Tab > Plus icon top right corner
• Create message screen> Plus icon top right corner -> Select recipients
• By default you are in Group Conversation mode but if you swipe the blue button next to the Subject Box, you can switch to Broadcast mode
Note: In broadcast Mode the message recipients will not be able to reply in the same thread. This is useful when you send a notification to a large group of people and you want to avoid spamming all recipients with people’s replies.

A-102015-GroupConvo-BroadcaseMode A-102015-GroupConvo-ConvoMode

Attachments and Other Content

Unlike many other business communication solutions, Team on the Run allows you to share a variety of content securely. Team on the Run also gives you the flexibility to use third-party cloud storage solutions including DropBox, Google Drive, and ECM Alfresco.


1. Pictures – Take directly from phone hard drive, or snap a new picture via camera.
2. Music – Send sound files or recordings directly from the phone hard drive.
3. Video – Send video via camera or smart phone hard drive.
4. Location – Share your current location, or an address of your choice instantly.
5. Calendar – Options for sharing calendar events.
6. Contact – Share contacts in the TOTR solution (it won’t share your private phone contacts!)
7. ZIP – To be added later
8. Attachments – send files instantly!

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