TOTR WebChat Service is NOW Available!

TOTR WebChat

Keep up with ongoing work discussions wherever you are with Team on the Run WebChat. Use the best real time synchronization technology in the market to connect conversations between your smartphone and desktop seamlessly. Access organized project information instantly across platforms, improving your business team’s efficiency!

TOTRThe best user experience…

Every conversation you have on the TOTR smartphone app will be waiting for you on your desktop and vice versa.

Read messages will be synched as already opened so that you do not have to scroll through a long list of already viewed messages when accessing the information from different devices.

If you haven’t already, register your company and add users to test the service at Existing users: please make sure that you upgrade to the latest version of the app: Team on the Run 1.2 to enjoy this new feature.

To do so, please visit the App Store or the Google Play Store from your Smartphone and search for Team on the Run.

1. The company Administrator must activate the Web Chat function, which can now be found in the settings section of the Administrator Web Portal.

2. Once the option is activated, SMS and e-mail notifications are automatically sent to all company users with a link to the Web Chat portal and an activation code .

3. After clicking on this link, authentication is done by logging in with the user’s phone number and the activation code included in the notification. First time users must log in and set their password. This process will lead to the Web Chat interface, where users will access the company phone book and communicate with all other company users.

Simple as that! Now you and your team members can access company conversations from mobile devices or desktops. Any user with a mobile or fixed number can use Team on the Run Web Chat. All conversations synchronize in real time between desktop conversations and mobile devices so that you never miss a message, wherever you are.

Enjoy the Web Chat feature and be sure to send us your comments or concerns to Team on the Run

Also, check out this video interview in which TOTR Communications Director Andrea Gould talks through more app features and use cases with telecoms media: TOTR Video Interview
Stay tuned for future feature releases!

Best wishes,
Team on the Run team.

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