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App Update 2.3 is live

Team on the Run App Update 2.3 is live

A new update is now live for Team on the Run on the Google play store and iOS store. The update v. 2.3, will allow more customization and functionality to the app. Below are the features you can find in the update


Make sure your app is updated: Settings > Information & Help


  • Battery Usage and Network used

Description: When sending location mobile client now is sending extra informations to be displayed for dispatch manager in webchat. Information’s are battery usage, network type (wifi,cellular..) and signal strength.

  •  Ringtone selection for VOIP/PTT call

Description: Allows user to select a specific ringtones for incoming calls and push to talk.

  •  Emergency Push-to-Talk Call

Description: Allow users to create an emergency Walkie-Talkie group call with a predefined list of groups,

  • Forward a completed process [My Business]

Description: Users will have the possibility to forward a completed process by email or by TOTR.

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