Team Management
with Team on the Run.

Team Management with Team on the Run.

The Team on the Run solution allows people to group individual contacts together into what we refer to as “Groups”. Groups are pre-fabricated “units” containing one or more individual users. These Groups may be organized along your organization’s departmental structure, or they may be set up as functional task-based groups defined by an Admin.

Note: When you send a message to a Group: all individual members of that group will receive your message. You can see the membership list of any group in your contacts list.

Please note that only a company admin (System Admin or Sub-Admin) can create new groups. Your Admins also have responsibility for adding, deleting, or changing members of an existing group.

If you require administrative access or have questions about Groups, then please confer with your Team on the Run Admin.

Icon Identification:
Icons with multiple heads indicate Groups (or Group Conversations), while individual profiles or “profile pictures” indicate individual Users.



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