Make free VoIP and
Walkie-Talkie calls from
your desktop with Team on the Run's WebChat WebRTC capability.

Make free VoIP and Walkie-Talkie calls from your desktop with Team on the Run’s WebChat WebRTC capability.

New Team on the Run WebRTC feature allows businesses to receive and place calls directly from a web browser; further increasing the ease and efficiency of daily activities

PARIS, FR – Team on the Run (TOTR), the all-in-one business digital transformation solution, announced today the addition of WebRTC capability which enables users to initiate and reply to VoIP calls or Push-to-Talk conversations directly from their web browsers via Team on the Run WebChat. As with all other communication maintained via Team on the Run; these new Web Real Time Communication options are secured and reliable – a necessity in a business environment.

Team on the Run provides security and convenience to all business types

Team on the Run WebRTC is great for business folk with long to do lists and not enough time. Faced with fast-paced, competitive environments business leaders can benefit from tools such as Team on the Run that are simple to install and use while keeping business information secure, organized and accessible.

Team on the Run WebChat with WebRTC capability brings your business free calls from a web browser

The new WebRTC capability makes communication seamless by allowing users to:

  • initiate and receive private or group walkie talkie calls directly from the computer browser or smartphone app
  • launch or accept VoIP calls directly from the web browser or mobile device

Combined with Team on the Run’s advanced real-time geolocation features, these improved communication methods make locating and contacting your teams for efficient deployment easy and inexpensive.


About Team on the Run

Team on the Run is a business messaging power tool for smartphone, tablet, and PC. The app guarantees safe and verifiable reception of all your messages: files, contacts, media, calls, webchat, real-time location on the map and more! Help your team – including remote colleagues and field teams – to communicate instantly wherever they are. Visit today for cutting edge mobile business tools to improve your operational efficiency, increase customer satisfaction and increase your bottom line.

We are just getting started – follow TOTR on social media for upcoming feature releases.


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