During these strange times we have all had to adapt and adjust how we do business. One thing is for certain, those group meetings that you have each week still happen, it is just a bit different. Instead of seeing everyone face-to-face most people have resided to using video conferencing to continue productivity in meetings. Does the video itself add value or hinder time management?

Throughout these times we have been utilizing Push-to-Talk (PTT) groups for our internal meetings. Team on the run group meetings allow companies the ability to get in and out of meetings quickly and more efficiently. No more having to wait for someone to set up their webcam or someone running into audio issues because the webcam is picking up sound instead of the mic. Instead of wasting time or having to spend time prior to meetings setting up these processes, team on the run group meetings aim to simplify and alleviate these headaches by making your meeting more about the content then the extra features.

Some of the major benefits of having a PTT group meeting is only one person can communicate at a given time (without priority privileges). Once you ‘take the floor’ it is all yours to share your point clear and concise without having to worry about hearing someone chew potato chips or try and speak over you. With priority privileges to channels you can give your management team or specific employees the ability to override in case a situation arises where that is needed.

In general, the goal of a team on the run PTT group call is simple, to allow your company the ability to share information clearly and as efficiently as possible without the clutter that comes with standard video meeting solutions.

With the group functionality found in the team on the run application you can have groups based on departments, regions, projects, etc. Which ever groups you are in you will have access to whenever needed. This makes jumping in and out of meetings a painless process. No need to wait for a link or entering an access code. With team on the run, you can go from a sales call at 9am right to a marketing meeting at 10 just by toggling over to the right group.

During the quarantine especially we have seen organizations leverage the multi-group function by having management and team leads “sit” in multiple groups at once during a given day so if any employee has any urgent questions that they would typically, in office, be able to ask they can now just pop-in to a group channel and instantly be able to communicate with whomever is there. Utilizing the group functionality has completely digitized how we can communicate efficiently throughout the day.

Whether you are a large or small organization, team on the run is here to assist and alleviate any communication issues you may have. Simplifying the way you can meet remotely and have organized group discussions is just one of the many ways team on the run is able to help.