During quarantine we have all been spending more time with our furry co-workers than our actual ones. Like dogs, striving to be man’s best friend, Team on the run strives to be man’s best software.

Our canine companions, although they can seem to be soloists at times, look to one to lead them daily. Dogs look for their pack leader to learn and grow on how they can improve and support the rest of their pack. One can look at Team on the run as the pack leader for a business.

One key with any dog is their need and desire to communicate. Dogs are very expressive and know when it is time to communicate seriously and when it is time to play. There is also a multitude of ways a dog can communicate. Sometimes it is verbally, while other times it is by ripping up the pillow on the couch. Either way, communication is vital to ensuring your dog will listen to commands, and for you to know whether those pillows will stay safe the next time they are left home alone.

Just like our furry co-workers, as employees, we need a multitude of ways to communicate as well. Sometimes that can be done via voice (Push-to-Talk, VoIP calls), messages, or even video to have an all-around clear line of communication with our human coworkers.

Like many during the quarantine we have had to adjust our ways of life to get the most out of our work. Our dogs have had to make a similar adjustment on their end having to deal with their humans more and more. One constant has remained key and that is the desire and value to communicate with each other. During these times communication with our co-workers has become more and more crucial as our puppy’s play areas has become our cubicles. We now require more ways to communicate as meetings in-person have been on the decline.

Communication is not the only area that a dog excels at. Dogs are phenomenal trackers and instinctive hunters. They rely on teamwork and careful coordination when they are on the prowl. Similarly, with Team on the run’s dispatch management we ensure that drivers make it to and from locations with ease, and with our Push-to-Talk channels, drivers can rely on their Dispatchers to carefully coordinate their routes and tasks.

Dogs equally are goal oriented and systematic with their daily approaches. Whether it is needing that walk at exactly 7 a.m to enjoy breakfast or knowing they will have to roll over and lay down to get that delicious treat you can be sure that a dog will smash any task necessary to get their goal. Team on the run provides a goal-oriented task manager to ensure employees stay on target and have a clear way to smash any task necessary to complete their goal.

Dogs are by our side through everything. They are here for all the good moments and are supportive through all the bad. At the end of the day, to sum up what dogs bring us is reliability. No matter the day, task, obstacle, a dog is there with us until the end. At the end of the day, that is our goal too, to be the software you rely on to get your business through the day.

Happy National Dog Day!