Getting Started with
Team on the Run.

Getting Started with Team on the Run.

Getting Started with the Team on the Run App
The first step towards using the Team on the Run solution for business communications is downloading the app on your iPhone or Android smartphone. (If you are a WebChat only user see the next section)
By now you should have received an invitation from Team on the Run inviting you to download the app from the app store. Please follow the secure link, and download the free Team on the Run app!











Please Note:

If you have not received an invitation to TOTR, then please check with a TOTR Admin at your organization to make sure that they have your correct mobile number and email.

Once you have noted your Company ID number and have followed the secure link to find Team on the Run on the App Store:
• Download the free app
• Open your new Team on the Run App
• Use the Phone Number and Company ID provided to securely log into Team On The Run




You’ll notice that the app will take a moment to automatically sync your Team on the Run account. From this point forward: Team on the Run will automatically keep your account synced in real-time between WebChat (if enabled), and your app!


Setting Up Team on the Run WebChat
If instead you are using Team on the Run WebChat, then please use the following instructions:
Make note of the phone number your System Admin used for your account
Check your mobile and/or email address for the Activation Code (If you have not yet received one, then please check with a company Admin)
• Visit the Team on the Run WebChat website at
• Follow the instructions to set yourself up as a “New User”, using the phone number and Activation Code (feel free to pin or bookmark this page on your browser, if you use a secure work terminal to access WebChat)



Please Note:

If you already use the TOTR app, then you may use the same phopne number for your WebChat login.


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