Files on the Run.

Files on the Run.

Have you ever been running late to a meeting, needing to find a specific file or power point and having to sift through your work emails looking for the right attachment? How about the time you “could have sworn” you had a document but could not end up finding it. Even for the most email savvy people, keeping track of files can be a pain.

Now this is where Team on the Run comes in!

Team on the Run offers you a way to unclutter your email and save everyone on your team some time. With group chat combined with file, calendar event and contact sharing it’s never been easier to keep all of your employees organized and informed with ease. We have seen an average of 50% email clutter reduction by using Team on the Run for internal communication.

TOTR files.png
File Sharing with Team on the Run

Above you can see how File Sharing with TOTR works. You can easily search for a document or chose the “Sort by” option. This feature allows you to easily keep track of all your business files while allowing you to share them with other co-workers with ease.


Mobile look at File Sharing with Team on the Run

Not only are you able to send standard Microsoft Office documents and PDF’s but Music, Videos, Photos, and location just to name a few (see above). You also have the option of choosing files off of file sharing services like Dropbox and Google Drive.

With Team on the Run we don’t want your business communication to be slowed down, we want your business to be able to move at the same pace you move at. With our ability to share files, calendars, and contact information on the run, we can help ease the pain of searching through email clutter.

To simplify your business and learn more about file sharing with Team on the Run, visit us here: Team on the Run

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