Digital Transformation:
Corporate Directory

Digital Transformation: Corporate Directory.

As mentioned last week, we are going to highlight a Team on the Run feature and it’s use in the digital workplace.

Corporate Directory

Team on the Run provides businesses with their own corporate directory within the app and online. The corporate directory allows you to provide information on each employee including number, name, email, position and groups that they are a part of.

Build a Strong Team

Having a corporate Rolodex of your co-workers at your fingertips makes both new and old employees feel more comfortable within their work environment. Need to get In-touch with someone from HR? Just look up the HR group in your directory and instantly get in contact with the right person. Stuck working from home one day and don’t have a co-worker’s phone number or email on file? With Team on the Run that strain of hunting down a co-worker’s information is gone.

Establish Open Communication

One of the keys of having a corporate directory through Team on the Run, is for its ease of use when establishing open communication across departments and teams alike. When bringing on a new employee a strain I noticed in the past, using other messenger services like Skype, Slack, and Microsoft Lync, is you have to add people yourself.

When a company utilizes Team on the Run and brings on a new employee, once they download the app they have instant access to the entire directory of their company. They can simply be placed into Marketing, Sales, HR, or whichever channel is needed and instantly feel comfortable.

Having access to corporate groups aides in cross communication between multiple departments which leads to better overall performance within a company.

Streamline Processes

Within the directory, you have the option to set up group chats with co-workers and even title the conversation. Having the ability to title conversations is a good way to stay on top of projects, and with the ability to add people to the group chats you can make sure that everyone needed for the project is receiving the same messages.

In my role, having access to groups in the directory makes it simple to send documents, calendars, and tasks to multiple departments with just a few clicks. The goal of our corporate directory is to streamline all your business processes through it. Whether you need to touch base with someone from marketing, send a document to sales, or set up a project across multiple departments, Team on the Run gives you the ability to handle all, instantly, through one singular app.

Keep your Business and Personal Communication Separate

Team on the Run’s corporate directory runs side-by-side with your own contacts, thus allowing you to keep both your business communication and your personal communication separate from one another. No need to worry about texting the “right Mike” and being unsure if it’s rec league basketball Mike, or work Mike.

Team on the Run takes the simplistic approach to giving you an all-in-one corporate communications platform across all your devices. No matter where you are, just log into your Team on the Run account and you’ll have instant access to your company without the hassles.

With Team on the Run, our aim is to relieve you of the pain points of the digital age and help aide you on the transition to the all digital future.

Each Monday, over the course of the next several weeks we will highlight a feature provided by Team on the Run and it’s place within a company’s digital transformation.

Learn more about how Team on the Run’s corporate directory can improve your teams communication: Team on the Run

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