Business Process Management, Workflows, Case Management,
All in one. On all platforms.

Business Process Management, Workflows, Case Management,All in one. On all platforms.

Team on the Run is proud to announce: My Business, a BPM solution. My Business is designed to automate tasks, and simplify business process management.

The solution allows you to manage procedures and operations across the organization. My Business can manage everything from remote form fulfillment through task management and supervisory approvals-all without having to print. My Business is scalable and customizable to manage any process locally or remotely, while maintaining verifiable record of all activities, submissions, and approvals without the need for paper filing.

What makes My Business a truly all-in-one solution is that it’s fully accessible across both smartphones and computers alike. Create a process on the computer, share it with your team members through mobile.

As we have spent time on recent posts discussing topics like, digital transformation, and Business Process Management, it has all culminated to the release of My Business.

On top of having the ability to create custom processes, My Business will launch with dozens of ready made, industry specific, comprehensive business templates for you to

My Business in action

utilize. These templates will help ease the process of going paperless when it comes to things like vacation request forms, HR documents, purchase order forms, and more.

To learn more about My Business go to the Your Company Platform tab under solutions on

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