Virtualized Telecom Services platforms

Leverage the Cloud to Trial & Deploy Faster

Thanks to its 100% software model, StreamWIDE application servers can be deployed with equal performances and reliability whether on a physical server or on a virtual machine. As a result, operators can virtualize their telecom services platforms and enjoy same benefits than the ones experienced on IT systems.




Virtualization Benefits Applied to Network Operators

• Faster application deployment
• Savings on hardware resources and maintenance
• Savings on hardware redundancy mechanisms (redundancy N+1)
• Energy savings
• Smaller footprint
• Improved scalability
• Streamlined testing and trial processes

Most operators will choose to run their virtualized services platforms within the boundaries of a “private cloud”, where physical machines belong to the network and a pool of applications are running simultaneously on virtualized servers. However, different approaches can be considered, including the following use cases:

- Private Cloud for multi-VAS architecture: Different VAS share the same hardware infrastructure. Servers are virtualized which enables related services to seamlessly request more capacity whenever they experience traffic surge.
- Public Cloud for VAS peaks management: VAS liable to experience traffic peaks are duplicated within a public cloud environment. Whenever traffic is stable, public cloud isn’t activated and costs stay close to zero; at peak occurrences, traffic is redirected to the public cloud. Service downtime is avoided and on-premise infrastructure is sized according to average traffic levels.
- Public Cloud for Applications Beta Testing: Operators can now consider beta-testing or soft-launching new VAS without investing into new hardware by leveraging public cloud.


Cloud deployment options