Technology to move at the Speed of OTT players


As Over-the-Top (OTT) service providers seize more market share each day, with an ability to test and deploy new services in a matter of weeks, Operators and Service providers need to invest in VAS and OTT technologies that let them adapt to this new pace.

Since its incorporation in 2001, StreamWIDE engineers bet on the convergence between telecom and IT technologies, convinced of the terrific value IP could bring in terms of Innovation, Time-to-Market and Total Cost of Ownership for Operators.


Operators Benefits

All StreamWIDE solutions run on Commercial Off-the-Shelf IT servers, providing operators tremendous benefits over their VAS infrastructure:

• Operate services as OTT players
• Deploy VAS solutions at the speed of OTTs
• Innovate without heavy infrastructure investment
• Leverage Cloud infrastructures
• Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Infrastructure Virtualization

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Patented technology

Multiple internationally-filed patents protect the innovative foundations of StreamWIDE technology. These patents are implemented in StreamWIDE products and have fueled our ability to innovate and keep up with the latest hardware and standards evolution over the years.

IMS made concrete

StreamWIDE solutions are flexible enough to be distributed as SIP Application Servers and interact with a shared media server, which will result in an accelerated rhythm of application deployment and streamline network resources.