The mobile business today faces many challenges:

  • Mobile device manufacturers and O/S providers have seized the stage. The smartphone revolution has turned these companies into the most visible and innovative players of the mobile industry, downgrading the value that end users attach to their traditional mobile carriers.
  • Industry cards are being reshuffled. The emergence of apps as the new mobile services consumption paradigm completely alters relationships with mobile users, changes business models, and increases the pressure for network optimization and higher bandwidth.
  • Software defines new rules for innovation. Over-the-Top (OTT) and Internet companies have redefined the rules of innovation with a shortened TTM, a new approach to the end user, increased risk taking, and accelerated processes, thus forcing mobile providers to adapt their more traditional approaches.

To face these challenges, limit churn, preserve margins, and maintain brand equity, StreamWIDE believes mobile carriers must capitalize on their core assets, introduce more innovative solutions better and faster, adjust their legacy business models, and achieve more convergence in their services.

StreamWIDE experiences these deep changes in the field with its clients every day and aims to offer Mobile VAS solutions that attack these challenges from a product-based, technological, and economic perspective.

Our Value Proposal

  • Innovative solutions in the areas of mobile messaging, call completion, social telephony and convergent charging
  • State-of-the-art user interfaces for smartphones, tablets and connected devices
  • Native convergence capabilities (network, devices, and user experience convergence)
  • Applications based on web services and web languages to shorten integration delays and accelerate TTM
  • Flexible service creation environments to enable accurate customization of solutions and adaptation to market needs
  • Future-proof, natively SIP, IMS-ready technology
  • Cloud compatible technology

Main Mobile VAS Solutions