Solutions for LandLine/MultiPlay/Broadband Providers


Landline/multiplay offerings are a result of the strong regulatory evolutions and worldwide emergence of IP as a network standard over the past decade. By breaking the old business models and proposing flat fee subscriptions to TV, Internet, and voice services, cable and alternative carriers have set the pace for a new area of competition in the telecom world. Because this new model has proved to be efficient and produce millions of subscriptions, it is now applying to every country and in every kind of network.

Since the company was founded, StreamWIDE has been betting on this trend, knowing that such models implied a deep rethinking of capital and operational expenditures for network services. Providing IP-based network services that are sold as software licenses running on standard hardware has been the key point of our strategy and continues to prove its efficiency today.

With its scalability, its support of convergence, and its state-of-the-art web interfaces, StreamWIDE meets the requirements of multiplay providers more than ever, whether they use cable, DSL, or WiMAX technologies.

Our Value Proposal

  • Perfect fit within NGN networks due to SIP-based services and web technologies
  • Multimedia end user interfaces (Web/ Tablet/ Mobile/ TV)
  • Full device and network convergence support
  • Scalable architectures that can accommodate subscription growth
  • Reduced initial investment and on-demand license pricing
  • Scalable maintenance provided (new features at no additional cost)
  • Guaranteed interoperability with largest softswitch providers

Main Solutions