Create Virtual Number-based Social Telephony services

With the rise of social networks and over-the-top service providers, operators often see a threat to their business models and to their relationships with end-customers; however, StreamWIDE sees opportunity.

My Social Line is a combination of a carrier-grade virtual number service available as a SIP AS or a CAMEL platform and of a social-network-based user interface providing self-care and click-to-call features. Optionally, smartphone apps, Web, SMS or USSD-based user end-points can be deployed to facilitate access to the virtual number service capabilities. 

With My Social Line, social network resources are leveraged to build new social telephony services where end-users get the best from both online and telecom worlds, accelerate usage, and contribute as such to improve operators P&L.


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My Social Line
Solution Benefits
Stimulate prepaid and postpaid packages Voice/SMS traffic
Leverage social networks viral marketing effect to enhance loyalty and attract new subscribers