Premium local number service for roamers 

Members of Diasporas, expatriates or frequent travelers connecting between two countries can choose between many different commercial offers to call their relatives from abroad at affordable rates. Though, most of these offers often come with inconveniences that inhibit their usage: unreliable Internet-based services, multiple SIM-based offers, cheap outgoing calls only.
Thanks to StreamWIDE Diaspora number service, mobile operators can now address those segments with a robust, comprehensive mobile phone-based two-ways communication service. A second number belonging to a visited country plan is “virtually” attached to subscriber initial phone number. Calls, SMS can be placed and received at local rates whatever the country they are originated/received from. Subscribers’ relatives abroad get a cheap way to call back and thus generate incoming traffic.

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Diaspora Number
Solution Benefits
Complement international low rate call service & Credit transfer service offers
Increase termination revenues & ARPU
Win market shares abroad without need for physical brand presence
Compete against OTT international communication offers