White-Label IP Mobile Messaging & SMS over LTE

SmartMS™ technology is a White-Label Mobile IP Messaging solution available for Operators, Online Service Providers, Brands and Businesses. SmartMS encompasses IP Mobile Messaging as well as Push-to-Talk/Mobile VoIP capabilities. SmartMS™ differentiates by the lightness of its architecture, by its integration with legacy SMS services and by its API. Solution can be deployed on premise or in the cloud and is available through licensing or Software-as-a-Service models. Operators deploying LTE or promoting IP messaging over legacy SMS will find it an ideal match to ensure SMS over LTE messages delivery.

More information on the solution can be found on http://www.smartms.com.

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SmartMS™: White-Label IP mobile Messaging for Operators
Solution Benefits
Innovate on Mobile Messaging without need for IMS/RCS expensive infrastructure
Roll-out your Telco-OTT initiative fast
Get your brand at the center of your subs daily mobile experience
Enable SMS over LTE messages delivery