Empowering your Mobile IP Messaging and mobile VoIP strategy 

Communications are turning mobile-centric. Smartphone market shares are skyrocketing in all markets. Voice, SMS and email are not as appealing to customers as they used to be during the last decade and are now replaced by instant messaging services made popular by Over-the-Top (OTT) players. 

It becomes vital for Operators, Online Service providers, Goods and Services Brands Managers as well as businesses to provide their subscribers, fans, followers or employees with mobile communication and productivity tools branded with their own colors. These tools are connected to their own core services in order to preserve brand stickiness, provide enhanced user experience and deliver new profitable services. 

StreamWIDE addresses this shift in the market by introducing SmartMS™ technology, a White-Label IP Mobile Messaging solution available for Operators, Online Service Providers, Brands and Businesses.  SmartMS encompasses Mobile IP Messaging as well as Push-to-Talk/Mobile VoIP capabilities, provided separately or as a bundle. 

What is YOUR mobile IP Messaging strategy? 



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